What happened to innocence?


Kim Yoo Jung and Baro being cute ♡

Recently there was a news about the possibility of Kim Yoo Jung and Baro dating. What made me feel unpleasant wasn’t the fact that they might be dating for real (they aren’t), but how people reacted to it. Most people said it was disgusting if it was real, that Baro must have deceived and manipulated her. I agree Yoo Jung is still a minor (she was born in 1999, 15 years old) and she should be protected, but since when the world has to be all serious and everything has to be so dark? I remember when I was 15, all I saw about the opposite gender if I felt attracted to them was their beautiful eyes and their gentle smiles. Maybe I wanted to hold their hands, but that was about it (not even hug). Of course the new generations are growing much faster but it doesn’t mean innocence is dead. Do we really need to say we’re disgusted when we see two young people liking each other? They should be aware of the serious consequences if things ever go further than it should and be absolutely sure how to protect themselves away from it, but it doesn’t mean they should stop having fluttering feelings for each other when it comes, because really, it’s one of the most beautiful things of the youth.

Talking about this reminds me of the time when it was known that Jacob (Twilight) liked Bella’s daughter. Many people had a hard time accepting it, concentrating on the fact that Renesmee was only a baby at the time when Jacob fell in love with her. To be honest, I was confused. To me, it was totally understandable and acceptable, because he fell in love when he looked at her eyes, and because they had this special connection through their souls that I didn’t quite get why people would oppose to it. At the time, I didn’t understand about the fuss, I thought if he felt that one-of-a-kind connection, it was natural as a given for him to be in love. Only later on I kind of grasped the idea that physical attraction and age could be issues here. Strangely, or not, it didn’t come to my mind at all at first, it took me a while to figure out. I don’t want to change my mind though. Not that I’m a fan of platonic love or any labels of the kind, I just feel that everyone deserves to be in love – the kind of genuine love that comes from their hearts, no need for excuse, no matter what the boundaries are.

These days I just feel like writing a lot about my thoughts. I didn’t feel like doing it much since, well, what’s the point? And I don’t like conflicts and being judged. But whatever, it’s okay. I suppose I just need to learn to not take everything to heart, to come to term with the fact that I’m just an ordinary human being with flaws and it’s okay. People believe what they want to believe. Sometimes they don’t care about me, they care more about their opinions to be understood – and it’s okay too.

It’s a bit of a pity that I didn’t write down my thoughts more earlier. It’s a bit exhausting to organize thoughts and put them to proper words, but if I don’t write down I will forget. If I write down, even when the time comes and I eventually forget, it feels like these thoughts will still be there and won’t disappear easily.

And times like this, I actually like the part of me that is still innocent, naïve, pure, the part that leans toward light and believes in it. Sun. Light.


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