[1/∞] The Producers – Cindy

There’s this little girl who’s a top star. She has been in the industry for so long, she’s exhausted and doesn’t care about this fake and terrible world anymore. She thought she knew it all, until one day she meets a guy who’s strangely earnest. Is he interested in her? Why does he keep talking about the umbrella and pressing her to return it back? Isn’t her number enough for him? Could it be he really isn’t thinking of taking advantage of her like others?

Suddenly she has a new-found curiosity. She goes out of her way to join the variety show in which he’s one of the producers in charge. Being ignored by other people? Doesn’t matter, as long as he’s here, running to her with the kind of excitement like a wide-eyed puppy. And what’s with this fluttering feeling when he catches her when she nearly falls? And tie her shoelace. And use one hand to block the rain for her and reach out the other to get the umbrella and shelter them both…

Or has she already fallen?

That time when he was approaching her van, she couldn’t help but observing him from inside, knowing he wouldn’t be able to see anything even if he peeked in. Her eyes was full of hearts and stars. She was brimming with the kind of warmth she never knew she had before.

“PD-nim, were you looking for me?”

©: Mira

©: Mira


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