new friend.


It feels airy today.

I’ve been feeling tired and sad for the last few days, so I go for a walk every evening. Greenness, light, wind, air. It helps every time.

I remember the time when I was standing under the same sky, looking in amazement at the marvelous Northern Light. We’re so small in this universe but the life we have is all we have. The present, out current body, our own soul. One day it will all disappear. When I think about turning to dust and fly into the sky, it doesn’t feel so bad. Soft and ethereal, even. Look at the Northern Light. Think about being part of it. Isn’t it wonderful?

Moonie Mun had a post today on facebook. It was a photo of a cat, and for description she wrote, when there are things happened to her and people ask, “What do you plan to do now?”, she would answer, “What to do? Live on, of course”. She said about growing slower than others, but like this cat who was born to be a cat its whole life, she was born to live and she decided to live well wholeheartedly. Even if some people would say she would never grow up or some others would claim she was like an old soul, when she would “waste effort” and take a long time to fix things to be completely fine again. Why? Because she’s living, that’s that. It was a comforting coincidence that I came across her post. It spoke to me.

Now, let’s sleep first.


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