[3/∞] The Producers – Episode 5

I already watched ep 6 live but I haven’t watched it with subs yet, so I’ll only talk about ep 5 for now.

I have to say that this episode made me feel very sad. The beginning when Seung Chan left Cindy to go shield the camera was still hilarious, but then it just went downhill from there.

It was unexpected but I cried like a baby when CEO Byun argued with Joon Mo. It was one of those moments when there were hints of warmth from a woman who we thought was calculative and all about money, but many people’s lives indeed depended on those numbers. Joon Mo could look down on her all he wanted, it didn’t change the fact that what she said was true.

You do it for the ratings too. You starved a 45kg girl all day and made her sleep outside. Then you made her do a ridiculous quiz so that you could starve her of breakfast. You all liked it thinking it’s good TV, fun, and awesome… You were all happy. It was all for ratings! My numbers are low-class and frivolous. So do you think yours are high-class and elegant?



When I finished ep 5, it felt like a wave of lonely and sadness flushed over me and lingered. The moment when Cindy looked at the other three from her van, it was like she realized life could be like that as well, but it was not for her. And the scene when she went to bed, she looked incredibly tired and lonely. Look how young she is, how come she’s so jaded and bearing such a burden in her heart and soul?


She had insomnia. Her only comfort then was to listen to music and read a book from the first person ever who showed genuine care for her.

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I suppose she cried. And finally fell asleep.

Cindy didn’t know how lonely she was before, and now when she does, it hits her so hard… It broke my heart to see her like that. I felt like Seung Chan really should be be responsible for stirring up that emotion in her, she was totally fine before that. She didn’t care, now she certainly does. This episode made my heart sink. Watching it made me want to give her a big big hug and just wanted her to be happy.

On the other hand, I failed to see Ye Jin’s charm. At the beginning, I found her way of pretending how cool she was from outside then turn 180° to beg for what she wanted was hilarious, and her nagging to Joon Mo about dolphin ultrasound really left deep impression in me. Then I started losing interest when she ordered Seung Chan around to buy her food with his money basically, and yelled at him when he wasn’t able to read her mind. In this episode, the way she badmouthed Cindy and tried really hard to find Cindy’s moment of weakness from Seung Chan, to me, was totally childish and ridiculous. I got it that she was insecure, all the more so when it involved Joon Mo, but I still found it distasteful. It was a pity since I was so glad when Gong Hyo Jin took on this project. She won me over with Master’s Sun and It’s Okay That’s Love, then this role came around and I saw my interest steadily decreasing. Her acting was superb as usual, especially the subtle moments of lovely childlike and deep emotions she portrayed so well that it touched me. It was just the character that I couldn’t like.

Joon Mo wasn’t any better. It wouldn’t be too much to call him a coward who didn’t want to take responsibility for anything. He was like Ye Jin who liked to play the victim card and blamed other people to make herself/himself feel better. Somehow I was glad that Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin took these roles, since thanks to them with their wonderful and natural acting that these characters were bearable to watch. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about what was going to happen to Ye Jin+Joon Mo and would only watch Cindy’s cuts with Seung Chan.

Other than Cindy, Seung Chan was another character I really liked. He was like a puppy with healing power that everyone liked to have around. His pettiness in small doses was super cute. Then when the situation called for, he became this serious and manly guy that could take care and straighten things out. I feel that he would be great with Cindy – one is earnest and one has trust issue, one desperately needs love and one is more than capable of nurturing. I think the only moment which warmed my heart in this episode was knowing that Seung Chan didn’t eat when Cindy couldn’t. At least we had that. I really hope Umbrella couple will come true. Please don’t disappoint. Please.


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