[10/∞] The Producers – Cindy’s heart (ep 9)


Recap and comment from girlfriday (dramabeans)

❝people’s words about you are like poison-covered arrows. They can’t pierce your heart if they’re spoken in hiding, but the most immature thing to do is to pick up those arrows that are lying on the ground and pierce your own heart with them, getting shot by arrows you needn’t be shot with, getting wounds you needn’t get. I hope you don’t do that to yourself.❞

— Seung-chan to Cindy
❝And finally, to the person who held up an umbrella when I was standing alone in the rain—thank you. I wanted to say that it was really warm.❞

— Cindy to Seung-chan

What really moved me in this episode was Cindy’s storyline, because her fear of being replaced was a different level entirely compared to Joon-mo’s timeslot worries. She would actually be replaced and cease to exist on some level—CEO Byun goes so far as to claim Cindy’s name and identity as her own creation. It’s no wonder that she feels so unsure of who she is. Cindy killed me with her moments of vulnerability today, first when she was actually jealous of Seung-chan being so easily caught in his crush (more jealous that he’s a terrible liar whose sincerity can’t be misread, not that his feelings aren’t for her), and then when she finally let her true feelings show through in her speech.

It was a beautiful breakthrough for her character, and I was really moved by how much she’d grown and how much our three other characters had influenced that change in her. Those are the moments that really get me in the heart, and Cindy has grown on me so much that now I’m angrier at Seung-chan for not noticing Cindy’s feelings than I was at Joon-mo for ignoring Ye-jin’s feelings. C’mon, Baek Seung-chan. Is a serenade on live television not enough to open your eyes?

Ep 9 achieved highest rating (18.5%) at Cindy's heartfelt speech.

Ep 9 achieved highest rating (18.5%) at Cindy’s heartfelt speech.

Comment from Stardust (dramabeans)

I really applaud Cindy for not being a clingy or jealous person, and was totally sincere and mature about how she handled her feelings for BSC… She is even so gracious to thank Yejin ( her love ‘rival’) on Live TV… She is not just doing it as a noble, goody goody character, but feels like a very real, believable person who didn’t force her feelings onto another person…

Comment from youcallitwinter (soompi) aka Zoe (dramabeans)

Seems like my ship was the only one that sailed throughout today- Ye-jin/Cindy, haha. I loved Ye-jin’s “drive faster, Cindy’s waiting!” and Cindy thanking her first from among the leads. They’re just so adorable!

Also, I’m surprised that so many people are mourning Cindy/Seung-chan and think we’re moving towards their burial, when, in my opinion, this was literally the first episode we saw Seung-chan’s tunnel vision expand to include her. He was not only hyper-aware of her feelings in all their scenes together, but also unusually considerate of them (he definitely showed more consideration this episode than he did while singing “Noona Is My Woman” after she kissed him.) And to complete the trifecta, he also took one of his pretty revenges on her behalf. Further, in the scene when Ye-jin and he return home from the movie, we may have had our first scene where Seung-chan was not only aware of Cindy’s feelings, but actively trying to gauge them which made him awkward, as was obvious through his expression when she apologised and was about to leave. Which is what I meant by his tunnel vision expanding, since, before this, in each scene that T/S/C had together, he was far too focused on Ye-jin to either notice or care about what Cindy was feeling, even after her confession-kiss. Their fight clearly affected him, because it seems he most believed her sincerity when she was declaring herself insincere, and that is why there’s such a marked difference in their interactions this episode.

Not to mention that this may also have been the first episode where Cindy/Seung-chan scenes were shot from Seung-chan’s perspective. Right down from the scene in the rain in the beginning, to when she’s singing in the end. Till now, we’ve only been in Cindy’s head, but this time round, he was the one looking at her. I don’t mean that in a romantic way, but literally, as a framing device. This episode, we don’t even know, since he doesn’t, whether she’s given up, moved on, whether her feelings have changed at all, as the POV is his throughout. For instance, when he enters her waiting room, she’s sitting with her eyes closed. In a regular Cindy/Seung-chan scene, the perspective would have been hers; we’d get to see how excited/nervous his nearness makes her, even with her eyes closed, and how hard she has to work to pretend it doesn’t. While he, in marked contrast, would be going about his regular work, completely oblivious, like in the wiring scene. This time though, we can’t tell at all what she’s thinking or feeling, she’s completely unreadable, because the perspective is not hers. Instead, we see Seung-chan waiting for a reaction to his name, and looking semi-disappointed when he doesn’t get one. We see him visibly reacting to the way CEO Byun is treating her and suggesting and taking action in her favour. When she’s singing too, the gaze is his, the camera pans on him for a long moment, while the last time she sang, at the norebang, the gaze was hers. There’s a perceptible difference in the matter of who is looking at whom in the scenes.

That’s not to say that they’ll be together (although tbh I don’t think anyone will be together except RJM/TYJ), and he was still completely focused on Ye-jin in the episode, and even ran to her after the performance (and indeed it would have been weird for him to change track at that stage in the episode), and well, who knows, this may have been a farewell episode for C/SC. But just by changing perspectives, there was definitely narrative movement forward for them, which makes it much easier for me to see it move even further in the future. So, sure, he isn’t madly in love with her or in love with her at all at this stage, but that wasn’t my point anyway. My point is that there was a shift in the direction and scene frames for this ship, which definitely signals more than the stasis of the past few episodes has, where every ship has been stuck in the same framing rut since ages. Honestly? This is the last episode I’d pick to declare them sunk.


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