it’s September.

the weather has turned cold even with the sunshine. or it might be just me.

whatever the case, i’m glad to see the light before 7a.m.

Doina has gone for her business trip for two days.

we’ve talked a bit with the little chances we had.

it was nice.

i can never seem to get closer to people when i’m far away from them.

at least, not enough.

i’ve been trying to guard my tiny little heart.

apparently it has been quite strong, with all the things i’ve been putting it through.

“you’ve been working so hard. thank you.”

sometimes i would put my hand on it and whisper to it like that.

i don’t know what else to do.

i’ve been incredibly scared. and still keep getting hurt. what a talent i have here.

well, it’s not anyone’s fault. and in a way, i’m glad i experience all these.

maybe there will come a day when i don’t feel like this anymore.

not at this age anymore. and probably i will look back with a smile.

i hope.

my mood hasn’t allowed me to write a lot at this place.

can’t promise anything with this, even to myself.

i’ll just put this here, since this song has been like my theme song ever since its release in August.

going though three different situations, and it still applies. how amazing is that.

❝Let’s not make a promise, We don’t know about tomorrow.
But I really mean this, I like you.❞


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