Yesterday i went to drop off a package to Jani on Doina’s behalf since she didn’t have the chance to do so. The post box. It somehow reminded me of the story “The Stranger Has Just Come” – the first story i had ever read from Phan Hon Nhien. It was published on Student magazine. From then on, i’ve become a big fan of her writing style. One of the things i miss when i’m here is that i can’t read what she writes so often anymore. Her stories used to be a big part of my life, something that ran in the background of the connection i had with “little mom”. And Yahoo 360°. Good old time…

Then i went to Sokos since, well, i was outside already. Passed by the vegetable and fruit section, just because. I usually like to come there, even if i don’t plan to buy anything. To watch them and be in their presence. Thought about Amelie. Maybe i should watch that movie again.

In the evening, i watched docventures (another first-time thanks to MattiK). It was a documentary about North Korea, quite interesting. I think i’ve found a new interest. Ever since the weekend, i seem to be holding a hammer, breaking the cold rocks around me, finding a way out of the cave. I was okay and comfortable with what i had, and at some point i did think i was perfectly fine and it was happiness. Just that maybe, maybe, i could have more? It was like i met this curious child of my 1st year in Finland again, the time when i was eager to do everything and anything without hesitation. It’s a bit awkward now, but at the same time i know this child has always been there. It went into hiding for a while, but it could always come back.

IU for Ceci Korea October ©

IU for Ceci Korea October ©. gif made by goodays-iu.


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