20150918 – 19




It was raining but lucky me, i managed to go out at the time when the sun was shining and the wind was blowing softly. For some unknown reason i still don’t know why, there was this little spark inside of me that was twinkling. I saw people walking on the street, walked with them, and couldn’t help smiling.

Later on i went to Sokos to meet with Doina. While waiting for her, i was checking out the section where they had magazines and stationaries. Wanted to buy so many things. National Geographies about the stars. A coloring book which had a green cover. A notebook which also had a green cover. A Moomin wooden postcard – Snufkin closing his eyes playing the harmonica in the forest, looking absolutely at ease. Things and things and things. But i was just there, read, saw, touched them with my hands, and admired their wonder.

We had sushi in the evening. Oana and Immo came over and we had a wonderful time. At least i thought so. I did laugh out loud genuinely many times. Like when Immo talked about the time when he was saying that there was also vegetarian sushi, and his mother-in-law (?) said “Yeah, you could put vegetable to the sushi too”! Doina burst out laughing, “How did you think you could explain vegetarian to a Romanian?”. Or when we were in some sort of “argument”, Oana went quiet for a moment, then she said, “I’m holding a knife”. We let that sink in for a moment, and Immo broke the silence, “That is a valid point” :)) Both of them added me on facebook now. Although facebook is not the best place to judge about relationships, i think i did make new friends.



I asked Doina to cut my hair and she did. She did give me the look before that but i knew she was capable and she would help 😛 I know people liked my hair because it was long and soft and strong at the same time. I did, too, with the color and all. But literally i was carrying a heavy weight on my shoulder day in day out, and the cost for shampoo and conditioner… It needed to go. And it wasn’t like it wouldn’t grow back. It will, and it will grow fast.

I felt much lighter. Sometimes people would ask whether i was sure about doing it and about the length. “That much?”, they would be surprised. I don’t remember any time i would deeply regret though. Maybe now Doina would? 😀 Because apparently my hair made up half of her trash can heh. She told Jennifer when she came over that if my hair were to be divided to three other people, it would still be enough :)) Poor Doina, tried to cut it straight with so much hair.

IU had her 7th anniversary on the 18th and she wrote a letter on her fan-cafe. I always like to read what she says. It’s encouraging, thoughtful, positive, cute. Her new album will be out soon, and there must be interviews that come along. I’m excited!

although it’s already my 7th anniversary, there’s still lots that I’m thrilled about. I’m not sick of it yet. Of being IU! Creating more memories together with our uaena, consoling each other, giving each other strength, appreciating each other and working hard too. Each day is good in a different way. Thank you, I’ll make your days really interesting! I’ll make you go kkyak-kkyak kkyaleuleu kkyaleuleuleu omg omg grin shock heart-fluttering. […] I want to gather more people and put up loud fireworks.. keke but I still prefer it such that we can whisperwhisper to one another

150918 From.IU – A hated age of 7


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