this yoga sequence is perfect timing for today.

i was rather tired and grumpy in the morning, but then for some reason i started picking things as well as myself up and be okay again.

peaceful moments like this are so what i need.

i thought about how i drag myself from one trouble to another without fail and couldn’t help but smiling inside.

i’ve gone through lots of things and learned a bunch, but when it comes to matter of the heart, i don’t think i change much.

reaction, i mean. still this naive little girl who puts her whole heart and soul into it then gets hurt all by herself.

coming out of it shattered to pieces, much more scared and afraid after every single time, but then naturally hope and trust again, and again…

what to do?

you live on, that is.


yesterday night i saw the Northern Light once more.

i was excited like a child. ran out of the door like a bullet, sat at the field in freezing cold, gazed at the sky, and admired its magnificence.

how beautiful and magical.

Oanh didn’t show much enthusiasm when i told her about it. “it’s the same every time”.

reminded me of another person who said, “well, it’s just a light”.

then there’s me who’s always in awe, every time is like the first.

i want to believe that the universe saw me suffered so much in pain and it wanted to help, to heal me somehow.

i’m also a child of this universe, right?

“come here. let me hug you.

don’t be so sad. don’t be so sad”…


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