IU and Jang Kiha confirmed their dating.

[FROM.IU] 151008 To Uaenas

Uaena! I (why of all times) am in the middle of my MV shoot.
Was taken aback by the sudden news article, but uaenas are probably more shocked than me right? Sorry for giving you guys a shock.. I should have told you guys earlier and I’m even more sorry for not having done so.
If you’re thinking, “You should have been more careful right!”, I feel sorry for that too.
We’ve been seeing each other for almost 2 years. We first met on the radio show (Note: Jang Giha’s Grand Radio) and I fell in love with him at first sight.. hehe He’s a boyfriend I’m grateful for and have a lot to learn from too. Our relationship is good, sometimes we fight, sometimes we get sad, we’re grateful for each other.. just like any average couple.
I was thinking hard about a slightly better way to break it to everyone, but *Dispatch* beat me to it.. Haha although it’s sudden, it seems we’ll have to start dating openly.
It’s probably been awkward here all this while, pretending I’m not dating right? I’m sorry for making this happy, bustling, adorable place become like this. Even so, I’m really grateful for our uaenas who are worried for me and take care of me. I’m sorry and grateful for all the worries, support, sorrow..
Ah I’ve imagined this scenario a thousand times in my mind, but now that it’s happened, I really don’t know how to say this. First and foremost, I’m going to brave through my work (Note: referring to the MV filming). I sincerely… hope you didn’t have a tiring day because of me today. I’ll be back again!

Translated by squishy with love  ♥

Hello, this is Jang Kiha.

I′m writing because I wanted to address today′s articles, concerning IU and me, directly. Yes, we are happily dating!
I met IU for the first time in October 2013 when she appeared as a guest on a radio show I used to host.
We talked then, and I thought ′This person is really awesome.′ After talking to her later, I learned that I, surprisingly, had made a good impression on IU that day as well. Two years have passed already since we confirmed our feelings for each other. IU is someone I′m really thankful for and really dear to me.
She′s a warm companion, who is my greatest strength when I′m going through a hard time, and someone I have a lot to learn from when it comes to life and music.
We will continue to date happily and not cause those who care for IU and me to worry!
We will encourage each other and make music that is better than before!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for your interest.

From Jang Kiha

Source: mwave

om tim

i’m so happy for them.

they’re so open, honest, and not afraid of speaking up for their love.

love the way they see each other, learn from each other, and grateful for having each other in life.

date prettily, you two. 🙂

on the side note, being an Uaena feels pretty cool :3 everyone is so supportive and positive about her dating 😀

she even trended worldwide on twitter, her fan-cafe members went up (169k visits today!), her songs shot up the charts ~ lol, this really doesn’t seem like an idol’s dating news.


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