i haven’t felt this calm for a while. it feels so good.

my phone ran out of battery and i let it be like that. i was answering Tatu when it happened so uh, not that i didn’t try hi hi. sorry, you can wait, right?

my mind was already at ease so talking to Truc felt even better. our usual trivial little stuffs. and she told me that she would come here to read when she’s tired, to feel peaceful. so i decide to write more. whatever it is that i could do to bring a bit of light and comfort to anyone out there, even if small, i would gladly do that.


yesterday night i was writing.

at first i didn’t intend to do so. i was just reading The Anatomy of Being by Shinji Moon, the personalized poetry book i got from her a long while ago. then i picked a pencil to underline where i liked. then i started writing some short words, which extended to longer threads of thoughts spreading on blank spaces on pages. i also drew.

i wrote a bit this morning, too.

Write hard and clear about what hurts.

— Ernest Hemingway

so i did.

i was wondering why it came so easily. and i suppose, it was because i didn’t feel lonely when i wrote at a place where somebody else already wrote something. it was like we were having a conversation. or not really. we were simply us being human beings, feeling things with all we had, with all of our existence. we were there, spilling our thoughts over the pages and hopefully, hopefully we wouldn’t feel so sad and lonely anymore. whatever kind of connection that was, for whatever reason, no matter how faint, it helped.


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