I don’t really know what to write about this year. There were many things happened which I was too lazy to note them all down. In a way it is a good sign, it means I’ve been enjoying the real life out there a lot more than this cyberspace. In another way, I feel a bit guilty since I won’t be able to remember the things I don’t write about, especially the happy things.

Anyway, although time is limited, I’ll still write something.

2015 seems to be brighter than 2014, despite many low times. I found a man who is all I’ve hoped for. He’s sensible, gentle, smart. He cares for me. I’ve been in touch a lot more often with other people – my sister, Oanh, Khoa, Truc, “little mom”, Doina, Antti, MattiK. I’ve been going around a lot more, reaching out more, giving myself chances and the energy boost that previously I hesitated to get (I was always afraid that I bothered people too much, forgot that I would make them worried even more if I wasn’t getting better). I’ve been doing yoga almost every day, meditating and exercising regularly too. The grey cloud is still hanging over my head, but I’ve been finding the strength I need to keep moving bravely. Healing and growing up.

As for entertainment ~

Most favorite dramas:

  • You Are My SunShine (Bên Nhau Trọn Đời)
  • Healer
  • Twenty Again
  • Reply 1988 (still ongoing, but I’ve really liked it so far)
  • The Producers
  • Jang Ok Jung (didn’t finish though, was getting too strong emotions and was afraid of the ending)

Albums I listen to a lot:

  • 4 Walls – f(x)
  • Healer OST
  • I – Taeyeon
  • MADE – Big Bang
  • Opus At The End Of Everything – The Flashbulb
  • Chat-shire – IU
  • Colors – miss A
  • 2gether – CNBlue
  • The Red – Red Velvet



  • The Painted Veil
  • When Marnie Was There
  • Waking Life
  • Before Sunrise + Before Sunset + Before Midnight


  • Caroline Hirons (my skin condition has improved a lot since I followed her advice)

I read a couple of books but nothing stands out in my mind right now… Probably The Woman Who Stole My Life since it was the last book I finished and it made me laught a lot. Oh, So Good They Can’t Ignore You was good too, lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders.

I may or may not add more to this post. Get going now ~


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