Jan 2016

food Bear makes

food Bears make. because i said i didn’t want to go out and didn’t want to cook dinner either. 😛

a new year started with all its up and down. for the good part, there are lots of things i managed to accomplish. at least for the habit part, i’ve been doing yoga and writing almost everyday. there are days where i skip, but i’ve learned to forgive myself and pick up where i drop, rather than blaming myself and skip it altogether. i finished reading two books – one fiction (It Started with Paris) and one non-fiction (The Happiness Project), just as planned. then i also registered my own company and submitted my visa application. decided i “want it more than be afraid of it”, so i just pushed through and through. time passes by fast, and i don’t want to stay idle anymore. i wasn’t well not long ago, but i’ve taken enough time to heal and i’ve been much better. this is my life, i choose to enjoy it, and be grateful. like Emma Watson said, “if not now, then when?”.

i’ve been spending a lot more time in Helsinki. consequently, i had more chances to meet Oanh and Khoa, especially now that Khoa is back from Kokkola. Bear and i are at a good place now, where i’m more at ease, we understand each other more and know how to balance and harmonize things out more. i also got to go shopping with Antti in Idea Park and bought a pair of winter shoes which i’m very satisfied with – water-proof, not slippery, elegant, unexpectedly on sale, unexpectedly fit. i suppose i will miss these trips once i move to Espoo in March.

the first month of 2016. live bravely.


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