Feb 2016

Valentine's gift from Khoa

Valentine’s gift from Khoa.

i moved from Valkeakoski to Espoo (for necessary growth).

got HubSpot Inbound certification.

supplemented visa application papers.

didn’t sound like much but it was all effort pouring in.

Risto was the light at the end of the tunnel.
(our relationship had a sharp dive. but when things reach the lowest possible, from then it could only go up.
highlight among many happy occasions: Valentine’s Day. despite the fact that both of us said we didn’t care much :D)

i read two books, “spark joy” by Marie Kondō (it helped with my move. mantra: focus on what to keep, not what to throw away) and “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (weird that i could never finish reading it when i was small. now i suppose i could share Linh’s excitement with it, to some certain extent).

the drama i watched was “Cheese in the Trap”. it had potential to turn out great, and then like many other Korean dramas in recent years, its plot got lost in the mountain and naturally the drama as a whole lost its spark.

then other things i tried to keep as habit with a decent level of success: yoga every morning and write every evening.

i still felt tired with all the burdens and uncertainties on my shoulder, but found myself to be reviving.

no matter how small the progress was, i’m glad i made some. one of the things i learned was to forgive myself as an act of self-love. don’t sleep on small successes, but celebrate anyway.

and i’m not alone anymore. i never really was, but everything started to have their new meanings, as life changes as always.

as i finally allowed it to change. for my own good.

gentleness. warmth. strength.

when i was finally able to let myself be vulnerable and open for help, when i finally stopped being stubborn and let other people have chance to be a part of my life despite the risk of getting hurt, i was receiving much more happiness than when i was trying to block it all out.

live. live. live.

strive for the better every single day.


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