March 2016

Bear's place PH

there were two new things in March.

firstly, Oanh stopped working to concentrate on studying and freelancing, and therefore i got a job thanks to her. i went with her to the working places and we worked together so that i could know where they were, how to get there, and how to do the job. it became a side job i did two days a week; it was physically demanding, but i was grateful for the opportunity and that i would have some income to provide for myself at least.

secondly, i helped Bear move to a new apartment. i also met one of his brothers and his brother’s friend. i found myself to be cleaning and moving all the time, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. at some point i realized i had been going out every single day, doing this and that. it was tiring, but whenever i had chance to rest, it felt all worth it.

i was in a bit of a slump with reading books – started reading many but none got me going for long. then to my surprise, i did finish one fiction and one non-fiction – “Bưu Thiếp Của Rừng” by Phan Hồn Nhiên (collection of short stories) and “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott. i liked both of them. “Bưu Thiếp Của Rừng” reminded me why i like reading fiction – sometimes, coincidentally, they give me the exact answer that i need, even before i know i need them. “Bird by Bird” was delightful. it made me laugh, and it soothed my soul.

i suppose that’s pretty much it… happy and gradually getting used to a new life 🙂 there were ups and downs, but step by step, solve things one by one. i guess when i’m with people who support me to be the best version of myself, when both sides have the will to learn and grow together, difficulties wouldn’t matter much anymore since we would join strength and overcome it all.


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