July 2016


it wasn’t a particularly good month.

on a Monday morning Bear had to call emergency because i was so much in pain. got to the hospital, they did what they could then we left. we walked to the bus stop, i fainted there. an emergency car passed by, they checked how i was although they were off-duty. a guy at the bus stop called emergency when he saw me faint, so after a while i got on the third emergency car that day. got back to hospital so they could check how i was after the previous operation. turned out i got to another hospital, not the one i was before, but it was fine. while being there, Bear told me that the one on our right couldn’t breathe properly, and the one on our left vomited blood. i supposed my case wasn’t too bad then. they took some of my blood to test, and also gave me painkillers. Bear got me a salmon salad to eat. at some point i was feeling quite comfy. a doctor passed by to check, then i was discharged yay.

the next morning i still felt horrible, so i called to make a doctor appointment near my place. it was Tuesday, and the appointment would be on Friday. i was pretty much bedridden during the time, going back and forth between the thoughts of going to emergency again or not. Bear went to pick raspberries and blueberries and fed me. he also went to buy ice, and we tried warm bath too since why not. my condition got much better already by the time we got to meet the doctor. it was a long way to go there and back, and for nothing almost, but at least the buses were close (Bear compared it to door-to-door service).

the next week i went back to work. it was still inconvenient, but i wasn’t quite in pain anymore.

when i was sick, the neighbor’s cat visited multiple times. we joked about borrowing it for a while then return it when i fell asleep. it helped a lot with my mentality. today though, apparently the neighbor moved and so did the cat.

Oanh got offer from HOAS and would move too. we had Khoa’s birthday party on Friday – the last time in this Olari apartment. Khoa now has an apartment in Pohjois-Haaga. Oanh said they will wait for me in Helsinki. i look forward to that.

i read two books this month, both from Ichikawa Takuji – Em sẽ đến cùng cơn mưa (Be With You) and Nếu gặp người ấy cho tôi gửi lời chào. i liked Be With You, it brought me back to the feelings i had when i watched the movie a long while ago.

Uncontrollably Fond got me back to K-drama. it’s on-going. both Linh and i like it so far.

work was okay. i particularly liked the couple in the main house, since they seemed to appreciate my work, and they usually took the kids out the whole day and i could work in peace. too bad they were not there anymore. what a sad surprise when i got back to work.

anyway, that was July. hello August.

ah, the best thing this month was, “i love you”.


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