August 2016

Bear's birthday food.

Bear’s birthday food.

this month i moved from Espoo and moved in with Bear in Helsinki. for the first time in a long long time, i didn’t have my own place to go back to. at the same time, i didn’t have to go back and forth between two places anymore, which settled my mind and i could do things such as making food. plus, staying with Bear ♥ we only needed a bit of adjustment since both of us are introverts and we like to have our own space, but that was pretty much it.

the first week when i had to commute quite far for work was also Bear’s birthday week; he went to a cottage with his friends from Wednesday to Sunday. we celebrated his birthday on the Sunday before. i made bún riêu based on Khoa’s instruction. it was the first time ever i made that dish by myself. bought mango from an Asian store since i knew he liked it much more the ones we could find from supermarkets here. and the birthday cake was made by Khoa – chocolate, lactose-free, gluton-free. his birthday gift was a secret between us. he was surprised i prepared one, even more so that it was out in the open in the room the whole time. well, to be fair, it was mixed with my other boxes from the move, and Bear being Bear meaning he wouldn’t have noticed it was unopened. cute hi hi. then on Tuesday i made spring roll, which he said it was the best spring roll he ever tasted. :”)

we missed each other a lot during the time he was away. it was nice too, for the exact reason – that we could miss each other. and having some time being apart, to enjoy things on our own. we communicated often, and were patient with each other when things went a bit rough. i was proud of ourselves, of how we grow in this relationship. both then and after he got back, it felt like i was wrapped in a loving blanket – a warm, soft, gentle, fuzzy one. the feeling lasted for days. happy, happy, happy.

he also helped me cleaning the apartment. despite barely got better from being sick from the trip, he did most of the work; i was so thankful.

i went back there on Wednesday after work from the main house to meet Oanh there. we talked, went to S for Oanh to buy food, and ate grapes while waiting for Kaiser the landlord. he smiled a lot and was much more pleasant this time when we met. it was a nice last meeting.

overall, it was a nice month in term of relationships with other people. even with my temporary roommate, we talked a lot and didn’t have any arguments.

as for books, i finished 4 of them. The Joker by Phan Hồn Nhiên, Stitches by Anne Lamott, Letters from a Cat by Helen Hunt Jackson, and Xuân Yến by Annie Baobei. i like the last one the most out of them. although i didn’t agree with everything the characters did, it was still an enjoyable read.

as for music, i liked Uncontrollably Fond aka Lightly, Ardently OSTs. for the watch, the drama was not my favorite ever, but i liked Eul as a female lead, and i liked Suzy’s portrayal of her.

a good month, i would say.


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