September 2016

blueberry + lingonberry pie, apple pie, cream, and orange juice.

blueberry + lingonberry pie, apple pie, cream, and orange juice.

i cooked a lot more. most of the time when i didn’t work, i would cook. at first it was difficult to think of dishes i could make, then gradually ideas just came to my mind. there were days when i simply just cooked and ate. that was nice.

we also went to the forest a lot more. with that i meant 2 out of 4 weekends in total. if not forest then it would be garden. we got apples, blueberry, and lingonberry like that, and naturally we baked. i haven’t gone out of pies to eat for a couple of weeks now.

this month i met with Doina after about six months since the Restaurant Day in February before i moved to Espoo. it was short but nice. we wandered around Tiger and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa in Kamppi, and International Market at the park outside Rautatieasema (where i bought raisin bun/rusinapulla three times in total). then we had dinner at Momotoko, went back to Kamppi, passed by Clas Ohlson. updated on things.

i met with Oanh and updated on things, too. she is currently dating Joni and seems a lot happier than before. i’m happy for her.

originally i visited Oanh to bring her some of the pies we baked, and it was the same reason to meet Khoa, although with him it was much more brief. didn’t matter, as long as i could meet them, talked to them, be with them, and be sure that they were doing well on their own.

things with Bear was a bit rockier this month, but we were really affectionate toward each other too. listened more, learned more from each other, tried to be more understanding. not easy, but worth it.

books i read were Trầm vụn hương phai by Tô Mịch and The Blue Stone by Jimmy Liao. music i liked was Moon Lovers OSTs (i dropped this drama but still enjoy its music immensely). started watching K2 and The Good Wife.

been treating my allergy (unknown cause) with Kestine and had a wisdom tooth pulled out today. back to school as an open study student. things are rolling.


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