October 2016


2010.10.24. energy charge. live with ease.

2010.10.24. crab soup @ Dean’s place while watching Larva in New York.
evening of energy charge. live with ease.

i’ve been feeling down and moody recently, most likely because of the weather – cloudy and lack of sunlight. however, i’m satisfied with what i read and watched.

K2’s plot was bad so i dropped it. The Good Wife was excellent, stellar acting and strong plot; however, i was glad when i reached the end since it was emotionally draining. i picked Age of Youth after that, finished it yesterday, and i’ve been feeling sad ever since as if i’ve parted with a friend i really like. i’m looking forward to Legend of the Blue Sea, but it premieres on 16th Nov – two more weeks to wait. hard to find something lighthearted and uplifting to watch meanwhile.

we didn’t watch many movies this month. managed to finish both parts of Little Forest though. Summer/Autumn seems to be appreciated more, but I prefer Winter/Spring. both of them had beautiful cinematography. i enjoyed the mood and air they created. loved the cat (of course ~). increased my desire to visit Japan, for the food and all that.

i read two books. or 4, to be exact, since Lang Gia Bảng had three installments. logic story, no unnecessary love-line – A+. and the other is The Lady of the Camellias. at the beginning i didn’t think i would like it, then it made me cry so much toward the end. so heartbreaking. i liked both books.

this month i met Khoa, Dean, Tram Anh and Kiet, Oanh and Joni. met Khoa on a beautiful and bright autumn day to give him some homemade blueberry jam and got some medicine for Bear. met Dean and Tram Anh + Kiet since i wanted to give him some blueberry pie Bear made. meeting them gave me good energy. talked easily, laughed easily. i thought we should live more like that. then Oanh and Joni came since Oanh wanted to talk with Bear about game industry; she was organizing an event on that topic. they also brought us some blueberry from Joni’s grandparents.

Bear bought me jacket and pants to keep me warm. they were for my birthday gift. i was, of course, over the moon. so meaningful and practical.

ah, i coincidentally met with Mette, too, outside Arabia when Bear and i went grocery shopping and she was going to a rehearsal. as a result, Bear and i decided to go to Juttutupa to have dinner and hear her sing (apparently she’s also a song-writer). unfortunately, our booked table was in a corner that was too far. well, i got to try reindeer meat for the first time at least. it wasn’t my favorite, but Bear and i both liked the steak which was juicy and tasty. i will definitely try to go to Mette’s other events next time.


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