Hello Decemberrrr ~

I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars at around 1a.m. It had tons of new words that made me look for dictionary like once every minute. I attempted to ignore those, but then I dragged my patience back and it did me wonder because they were all beautiful. The book made me laugh out loud. I like everything which makes me laugh out loud naturally. It made me cry, too. Tears were falling down on my cheeks, one drop after another. The sadness came from something meaningful. I’m so glad I read it. May as well give Looking for Alaska a try.

The Saturday went by okay. Not as organized as I wanted it to be, but at least I managed to nearly remember how to play Mighty Moose. Slept a lot and ate a lot, as always on weekend. Caught up with Bu Bu Jing Xin to make up for the last two days (time was spent on The Fault in Our Stars). Curled up in bed and just be.


Every year, I wait anxiously for December. It’s my favourite month of the year. Not because it is the month I was born in but because it is the sweetest month. It’s winter, it’s cold and everyone wishes to be warm. The littlest of things comfort us the most this month; a walk, a steaming mug of coffee, hot chocolate or tea, an embrace, a jumper, a kiss to the cheek, a present, a book, a laugh, a raindrop or a drive to nowhere. It is the month I lay all my hopes on. It is the month that will conclude a whole year of happiness, anger or sorrow. It is the last chance for the year to redeem itself if it was a bad one, or to outdo itself with all the wonderful things that might have happened. It’s the month for the heaving hearts. It is a pivoting point and that’s why, I always want it to be important, to be special, to be kind and loving. (the-iridescence)


Pure happiness.

I finished reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett today. I love love love it. It’s simple, but also truly beautiful, magical, inspiring, bright, and full of life. I haven’t read such a happy book for a really long time. Reading it brings me joy in living my own life. It kicks off my imagination, it pours the will to live healthier both physically and mentally to run through my veins, and it reminds me how to see this marvelous world in the eyes of children – purely.

❝The Magic is in me.❞

Pure happiness. Favorite thing to do: staying in my comfy bed, curling up under the warm blanket, and reading this book.