I wasn’t fond of travelling before. All of the sudden, now I do. Or is it sudden? I’m not quite sure. Maybe it started from the time when we were in Denmark, when I spent beautiful time with people I love to be with so much in a happy city in spring. Or maybe it was activated when I saw beautiful pictures of Hallstatt from this link, and I couldn’t help but imagine myself waking up to a dreamy morning, sipping a cup of tea on a balcony looking up to the lake and the Alps, reading books or maybe an Oh Comely issue, and simply breathing. So I signed up on Couchsurfing. I have no detailed plan, but during this lifetime I for sure want to visit it. For the first time ever, travelling seems appealing to me.

Since I’ve always been thinking of learning how to build up a website, I registered on Codecademy to learn some coding. I don’t know how it will go and how much time I will have for it, but it’s never bad to learn something useful that has always been on my mind. I also think about graphic design, but I guess I can start with drawing first like this article suggests.

During the day, I also had time to continue reading a bit of Oh Comely. I went through the section in which people in Oh Comely got in touch with other people of the same name, then they shared stories about that. It seemed boring for me at first, but I was determined to read every single thing in that magazine, so I gave it a go. It didn’t disappoint me one bit. In fact, it was so hilarious that it made me laugh out loud! My favorite was the one in which Elizabeth Bennet had a conversation with her fictional character from Pride and Prejudice. She asked the questions and the answers were quotes from the book. Really very hilarious! I liked the tone in the story which the teenager was scared of the same-name person who reached out to her as well. Very entertaining, lifted my mood.

Khoa called me in the evening. It surprised me since he never liked using the phone (neither call nor text message) since it costs money. This time he called naturally because he didn’t have Internet connection, but still it warmed my heart <3. He seemed to be a lot calmer these days, things seemed to be going all right, so I’m reassured at least on his side.

Yesterday, coincidentally, I came across some photos I took during this time two years ago. Once so beautiful, it was.


This photo was taken exactly 2 years ago, on 17th September 2011. Look how bright their smiles are…

Pati clicked “Like” for this photo on facebook. Tika clicked “Like” for my comment on a photo of the music students group at Lärkkulla this year. It’s still hard for me to think that I don’t live together at the same roof with them anymore. I still remember Tika being in the sauna with us practicing singing, and Aurora was saying that sometimes they thought they could gain some abs by singing that way. I remember Tika’s laugh which is very special and identical of her. I remember giving her the nickname “full of energy” (without her knowing, of course), remember her being so active and smiley and cheerful, remember us bumping to each other at the door to our floor, remember her with her suitcase since her home is in Tammisaari. And I remember Pati, of course, with our usual piano practice, of the hug she gave me when I was really down during the Houtskär trip, of her patience and encouragement throughout.

What a beautiful life I’ve had. I miss it dearly.


Gorgeous day.

Lam came home drunk last night. Long and I were with him until he was tired enough to fall asleep. It was something like 3a.m when I got back to the Lam’s couch and got to find my own sleep. Not a nice experience, I have to say. I hope he remembers this, to control himself better next time.

Didn’t have a good sleep, I was tired when I was going back home. How fortunately me, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining. The breeze was blowing softly through my hair. It felt so summery. It felt so good that I turned off all the heaters and opened widely the kitchen window to welcome some new fresh air.

The little things I did at home took actually a while. When I was at Full House again, it was already around 4p.m. I had my lunch at that time. Then I slept for a short while. *Picture of a lazy cat has just come to my mind…*

When I woke up, the sun was setting.

I don’t remember much how it happened, but at some point there were 4 of us in the living room. Na was reading manga and chatting on her laptop. Long was playing game. Lam was also reading manga, the one Phat introduced to him because it was about billiard. I was sitting on my armchair, totally comfortable and relaxed.

The party was canceled today and moved to tomorrow because Lam was still not well. After dinner, we watched Pig in the City.

That was it. Not a particular Friday, but something better.


*This post is for 23 March 2012.

So, yeah, poker.

It must have started from Phat when he invited us to play poker on facebook. I didn’t join (I haven’t played any games on facebook for quite a long time already), but Lam and Na did. I thought the hype wouldn’t last long. I once talked about us playing poker with paper money from Monopoly, but it wasn’t very fun. Then Lam brought home the chip set borrowed from his billiard place.

I have to say I didn’t know how to play before that. Occasionally now, I still don’t know whether I have strong cards or not, when somebody wins over another person, especially when it comes to Ace cards. I don’t calculate the percentage of winning, I don’t guess the way others play. I’m quite well-known for playing without thinking :”). I was the first one to lose when I played for the first time (with chips, not the paper money) the day before. So, no words to explain how surprised I was when I won over all of them (Na, Long, Lam, and Phat). Later in the evening after Phat left home, I won two other rounds. I wouldn’t say it didn’t feel good :”), although it must be something that got to me : | or I paid the price for it sometime later : ). Well, I did watch a bit of a video clip of World Poker Tour (I think it’s the name) with Lam before that, but I don’t think it could help that much.

They even took pictures of me winning. That was fun actually. We had all kind of crazy ideas (for stuffs like outfits and positions) and laughed a lot. It was good time. : )

me :")

winning over Long :")

me -.-" (Na: You have to laugh more evilly!)

winning over Lam :")

he he :")

*All the photos in this post were taken by Na.

Beloved weekends.

So it has been more than a week since Doina came here last time. Time does fly fast…

I don’t remember much of yesterday, only that I watched “i, Robot” again together with Na, Long, Lam, and Phat. Well, actually, Lam, Phat, and I watched it during the first half while Long and Na were playing Gunny. We agreed we would go have dinner together when they finished that battle, but it was taking forever. Anyway, we managed to get to dinner not long after I moaned for the 3rd time because of hunger and paused the movie. After dinner, Phat went away, but Long and Na joined in to watch. That was fun.

I didn’t feel sleepy so Na, Lam, and I continued with watching the first episode of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” (I had no idea it has this name in English : |). Although we tried like crazy to look for the best Viet dub version, it was kind of a fail. At some points, I seriously thought it was comedy. I found a version with Viet sub today. However, Na doesn’t like to watch in anything but Viet dub. Thinking about enduring it through 40 episodes, I must admit I don’t have as high interest in it as before…

Dean came back to Valkeakoski sometime at noon so we (Dean, Na, Lam, Phat, and I) went to play sledding (pulkkamäki in Finnish). It was really fun!

Arches made out of branches on the way ~ *photo taken by Na

Reaching the place. It was incredibly high for me even just to look at. When I see it, I did have a thought "I will just watch them play" :") *photo taken by Na

The guys started playing right away.

Well done, Phat!

Lam was not bad neither!


*photo taken by Na. ^^

*photo taken by Na herself : D

It showed justttt how eager we were with trying to go sledding with that hill! :”) Just kidding. We enjoyed it a lot! I went downhill 3 times, 2 times with Dean and 1 with Lam. I was really scared at first, tried to run away even after already sat down on the board and were moving slowly. Dean didn’t let me escape (of course!), and it actually went smoothly. Na made it to 2 times (if I remember correctly). It was fun also in just watching them play. There was one time when Lam and Phat went first, Dean went after. At some point, Na and I couldn’t see him but the snow flying up (the hill has some sharp points). When we saw him again, he was in the position as if he fell straight down from some trees around. It was so hilarious! And Phat with his way of turning around on the round board while sledding down, or when he flew out of the board a couple of times and then from up there we could see him appear again chasing after the board. : D

It was a pity we forgot to take the photos for all 5 of us (especially for Dean), but we agree to go again and there will be another chance. : )

I was pretty cold and tired when I got home. So I ate salad (my favorite of shrimp, cucumber, tomato, and a pinch of salt), then climbed on bed and curled up under the warm blanket. It was heaven. I slept tight.

In the evening, I came to Full House. We had dinner together (with extra fun when Long started talking about how to buy a suitcase), then watched “I Am Number Four” together. I wouldn’t say the movie was extremely good (I found it silly sometimes), but it was nice to watch. My favorite characters were Number 6 (she’s awesome!), and the dog :”). It’s said from IMDB that for the role of Number 6, Teresa Palmer had to go “through three months, four hours a day, six days a week of exercises prior to filming I Am Number Four. It included training for sword work, flips, sword fight, wire work. She also learned to ride a Ducati motorbike.”. I think I’m going to find some other movies she starred in to watch. :”)

Okay, it’s way past bed time. Monday is gonna be tough. Why do I always have conflict schedules on Monday?

“Everybody is normal until you get to know them”.*

We had Organizational Development class in the afternoon. We were nearly late for it because of Long’s vague memory. Furthermore, on the way to school, while I was walking fast, Na said “You don’t need to try so hard, we’re late already”. So we slowed down and it then felt like a stroll :”). Anyway, fortunately, we were late for only about 3 minutes, so we didn’t need to wait outside until the break.

As usual, after Annaleena introduced us the theory part, we were given the assignment and divided to groups. Our group had 2 Finns, 2 Vietnamese (Na and I), and an exchange student I don’t know his name nor where he’s from. We had difficulty in understanding the question, even with the help of Annaleena. It didn’t help much despite the effort of Aisha trying to talk in Finnish with the hope of “unveiling the curtain to come to the light of realization”. Anyway, in the end, we kind of got to the closest we could with a 4-step plan based on “performance management perspectives”. It was actually fun during the discussion, especially when it came to the point “You have now noticed that the working atmosphere in your department is not good at all, people from previously different companies do not for example sit in the same table in the restaurants”. Guess what? We decided that in the “Reviewing/Coaching” stage, we would remove all the tables and leave only one in the restaurant, so people would have no choice but to sit together. And for “Development” stage? Get a new round table. :”) We actually said it out in front of the class. People even gave some more ideas to it, like the long table you could usually see in the bars, or “hamburgers on swing”… Seriously, who says Finnish people are boring?

Na and I practiced dance with Dean afterwards. We are now practicing Sweet Dream by Rainbow. I also wanted Shampoo by After School and You & I by IU. But I know Shampoo is way too difficult for me to handle, and You & I is too much for Dean to stand :”). It’s already an exception for him to instruct us a Korean song. And actually, Sweet Dream by Rainbow is already more difficult than it looks.

I skipped Finnish class today. I was hungry, tired, hadn’t done homework, hadn’t brought pens nor eraser with me. There was another reason but I wouldn’t want to talk about it. So I came to Full House with Na and Long.

I slept while they were playing games and cooking dinner. Then we had dinner with chicken noodle.

I was being a good girl, did what I was told without questioning anything, answered what I normally wouldn’t.

After washing the dishes, I played Uno (real cards) with Dean, Na, and Lam. We found the Uno online to be boring. They have different rules: no stealing the turn, no exchange the cards. What’s the fun in that? Bleh. > : p

Lam wanted to have “fried dough”. Dean made it before, but he didn’t remember much of it. Na had to search for the recipe.

Lam (told Na): Ask Dean! He made it last year!

Dean: Don’t remember! Haven’t made it for 10 years! (I think he meant he hasn’t made it in ages!)

Na: Lam, Dean said he hasn’t made it for 10 years! Who made it for you to eat last year?!

= ))

*The title is a quote I read from tumblr. I think it’s originally from John Ortberg.

Had good time.

I stole Doina from Jani and brought her to Full House yesterday.

It was late when Doina and I came (thanks to all the confusion and the cold), so we (Doina, Dean, Na, Long, Lam, Phat, and I) had dinner right away. Lam was the chef because he is the master in poached salmon. Other than that, we had boiled cabbage which went really well with the sauce from the salmon dish. The soup was from the boiled cabbage and was added dried shrimp. I liked it, even more because I was having dinner with them. We laughed a lot. For some reason, I remember most about the part with “fish bone”, both when Na said it and when Lam was looking for the missing one. Ah, and the part when Lam and Phat fighting over the salmon skin, too. :”)

After that, we taught Doina how to play Uno (getting to know Full House tradition ~ :”)). She often got mixed up because she knew a similar game but with a bit different rule. Furthermore, she was tired. I hope she enjoyed it still.


1. Na: Be careful, your cards can be seen.

Doina: You can see my cards?

Na: No, him!

Doina (turned to Phat): Dude!!

: ))

2. Chi: Red! Uno!

Dean: Reverse.

Chi: Win!

Others to Dean: 8-} You sure you know how to play it?

: ))

3. Doina: *something, probably yellow*

Phat: *continued with the same color*

Lam: *change the color to blue*

Chi: Win!

Doina (turned to Na): He changed the color and he sits next to her! Isn’t it suspicious?

: ))

I felt so much loved while sitting between those 2 guys. :”) :”)

When Dean went to sleep and Long came out to replace him, I went to wash the dishes in the kitchen. I don’t know what happened next out there in the living room. I think at some point Long stopped (not very long after I left), so Lam came in to help me. Then Na started putting make-up on Doina as we agreed we could try it. Phat was having running nose so he made some tea.

Doina and Na were still doing the make-up when I finished. I was watching the TV and watching them doing it at the same time.

When they finished, then came the question of whether or not we should continue with watching the cartoon. We agreed beforehand to watch it, but it was past 11 already.

And Phat surprised all of us.

When the discussion was going on, Doina said she and I could stay over if they would come with us to my place so she could have her pyjamas for the night.

She was 100% sure nobody would agree to that.

Phat said he could do it.

Then they went on discussing about it.

I was so confused! I was like, “Did I hear it correctly? Are they talking about the thing I think they’re talking about?”.

I couldn’t really believe it until all of us who involved in the discussion (Doina, Na, Lam, Phat, and I) were on our way to my place. For real. On the winter street of somewhere under -20°C. 5 people – to pick up a bag. Phat was even still having his running nose. Unbelievable. But it was fun! : D

So we watched The Tale of Despereaux, because it was the deal : ). Although Lam was sleeping and skipping most of it (I still think it was not a good idea to lie down and watch it from the back – too convenient to not fall asleep : p), the rest of us (Doina, Na, and I) watched it from the beginning to the end. It was nice. I liked the most the part about hope. “Whenever you have hope, you’re never really anybody’s prisoner.”

To make place to sleep, Lam built up the tent for Doina and I. Doina was repeating about the fact that she was in Valkeakoski, sleeping in a tent, in a middle of a living room. Imagine that!

I also remember the moment before Doina and I got into the tent. I turned off the light. We were in the 7th floor. From where I stood, I could see the black shadow of everything in the room, with the tent to be the most noticeable. Outside, the moon was spreading its gentle and soft light through the vast sky, on the frozen snowy lake, on the faraway trees. My heart felt peace.

Although I was tired and I guess Doina was even more so, we talked. In a tent with a bunch of blankets to keep us warm (I had no idea Lam stored that many blankets), we talked about anything we could think of. It was not quite random, more like an intimate talk between close friends in a girls’ night that I like a lot. Then not only the blankets, but also the talks made me warm, from inside. : )

We talked until we felt it would be now time to sleep. I didn’t look at the clock, but it must be sometime after 3a.m.

It was difficult for me to fall asleep at first. I think I was overexcited about everything happened around me, the happy and warm and nice feeling which was flowing in me was a bit too much considering how miserable I was not long ago. Finally, the sleep came. Not a straight one, but it was still good.

I think Doina and I woke up at around the same time. Pretty relaxed, we talked a bit more until Na woke up. Then we did all kind of little things I don’t remember much any more. Folding the blankets, cleared up the tent. Morning routines. Coffee. Make-up, BB cream. Changing plans (me not going to Tampere, Dean not going to Hämeenlinna, Doina replacing me in the car, Doina not placing me in the car, Dean going to Tampere and replacing me in the car : D). Past 12p.m, I walked with Doina to the bus stop.

Although this magic came to an end, there will be other ones. We made a deal of camping outdoor in May. I look forward to that. : )

Different worlds.

After a long while, I visited a person’s facebook page again. It is full of sparkling pictures and nice words, just as I remember how it was. I wonder whether that person is happy.

People need to move on. I do, too. There’s a sad truth about sometimes when people grow up, they grow apart. There’s nothing we can do about it. Remember to keep breathing, that’s it.

Thinking about the time when all of us were in the living room watching TV in the evening, when Phat scrubbed Dean’s back and Dean started to make sounds of satisfaction :”) which made us burst out in laughter. Or when Long asked about the fruits in the jelly Dean made and Dean answered “Needed to pick them up. Quite tiring!” (although those were from the can) : D. One day, we will go our separate ways. But those moments remains, at least in my heart.

Moments when I know I’m happy.

me @ FH, taken by Na.

We were in Long & Lam’s room. I was scraping wind for Lam. Long was making guesses on the news he received. Na was playing with the camera. The coziness.

After the dancing class, we were walking home. The path was so white that at some point I thought I was walking in a white space, white and airy. Dean and Na talked about a story in which every letters start with “c”, then they sang a song in which every letters start with “b”. Hilarious.

We were playing Uno, then Dean joined, and Phat came also. The jokes, the laughs, the cuteness (especially when Phat threw the Reverse card, Dean got dizzy, and his reaction is totally adorable XD – as most of the time ; )); or when Dean and Na played the Wild Draw Four cards of their own, Lam stole the turn which helped me from taking 8 cards but put Phat to the situation of taking 12 cards, while Phat was doing the action as if he begged Lam to steal the turn : D). Together, we were.

I was craving for the past. It was so beautiful that even I was mentally prepared back then I would miss it, I still miss it a whole damn much now. And I know I will miss these moments, too.

Maybe it’s just me… Or isn’t it?

Rất nhảm :|

Nhảm tập 1:

Đông Nhi đến Helsinki biểu diễn, gặp và tặng Dean CD mới ra có kèm chữ ký và dòng chữ “Mến tặng anh Dũng!”.

Dean đi Tampere chơi. Ở nhà, Na và Chi lôi CD ra chụp ảnh.

Na làm chỉ đạo nghệ thuật ~

"Chụp ảnh Chi mà Chi nhìn đi đâu vậy?" "Hả?" (đến lúc này mới biết là sẽ có cái mặt mình trong ảnh) "Quay ra đây đi, nhưng đừng nhìn vào cái CD!"

"Đúng đúng, che đúng rồi đấy! *chụp* Chữ "Mến tặng" nhìn rõ này!" :")

Nhảm tập 2:

"Chi cầm 2 cái bánh quy che mắt đi!" (Thế mà cũng có đứa ham vui làm theo ~)

Nhảm tập 3:

Lâu rồi, nhưng hôm nay lại down phim nên nhớ đến.

– Hay là xem Tangled đi?

– Xem!

– Chị Chi tìm link đi em down cho.

– Okie.

– Trời ơi, những 4GB lận!

– Chị muốn xem How To Train A Dragon!

– Chị đưa link em down cho, đang rảnh.

– Đây ~ *đưa link*

– Cái gì???? Hơn 6GB!!!!


Chi: Hôm nọ down phim 4GB Lâm kêu quá chừng, lần này Chi đưa link 6GB. :”)

Na: =))

Lâm: Thử máy hoài!

Chi: Ai bảo lúc đấy em kêu em đang rảnh!

Lâm: Vạ miệng nữa rồi ~

: ))


*All the photos in this post were taken by Na.