Growing Pains – Super Junior D&E

okay so i’ve been pretty excited lately for a very unexpected reason – Growing Pains by Super Junior D&E.

i knew this sub unit from the beginning and i liked their first song Oppa Oppa, but it wasn’t like i followed them intensively in any way at all. so when i heard they were going to have a comeback, my reaction was quite so so. then the teasers came out and although i liked what i listened, i was more or less still in “whatever” mode. apparently i have trust issue with teasers. finally the MV came out and… BANG! OMG what is this ~

the song was super nice, i really like how it sounds. it impressed me right from the beginning when the guitar started off and then the piano joined in moments later, what a brilliant harmony! Donghae and Eunkyu’s voices blended in smoothly, which flowed nicely with the rhythm and in the end built up a satisfying climax. the story reminded me of ‘eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’, which was interesting.

and what i especially loved was the choreography. i think i’m bound to get crazy with nice song that has awesome choreography, last time i was so in love with Only One by BoA. this time, again, Growing Pains’ made me really want to pick up dancing again and kind of desperately wish Dean would be here to help me with it. whenever i watch the song, name it the MV or the performances, i couldn’t help but tried to follow the dance moves every single time. what caught my attention was also the back-up dancer girl with short hair, first time in the MV at around the 2:49-2:50 mark when the camera turned around. i think i did gasp for air. to me it seemed that she stood out quite a lot in performances on music shows too, but of course i wouldn’t mind. i liked the girls’ outfit as well, looked like something i personally would wear.