Random “research”.

I ordered some stuffs from Beauty Carousel last week and received them today. It reminds me of my plan on writing reviews about the online shopping pages I have had experience with. I can write reviews on the products I purchased from Beauty Carousel also after I used them for a while.

I asked Linh to go to the supermarkets with me, and all of the sudden we were on our way to the center for some coffee. Linh seems to be bored to death being in Valkeakoski, not going anywhere, not doing anything. My sympathy for her, sadly, was not big enough if she didn’t say going to coffee shop could also be a part of research for my tea house.

Since it was pretty close to the closing time of most coffee shops, I think we were lucky to find that newly opened one right in the center next to Koskikara (no memories on its name -.-“). It was quite a small and simple place with four tables inside and one (or two?) outside. There were flower vases for each table (Linh and I had a cake catalog on our table, I’m not sure if other tables had one, too) . There was a blackboard for names of the drinks with price. Then a table for coffee and tea and a glass box for cake were put next to the counter. All the space was used up.

That was a cute shop. I don’t know about Linh’s cacao, but the cheesecake (or yogurt cake?) and the blueberry cake in a cup were good. No comment on the TRIP mehu. If I knew beforehand they meant the fruit juice in packed box, I might have taken something else…

The price was expensive. Although I know cakes in Finland are generally expensive, it still felt so “urghhhh”.

Final and overall impression was good. However, I will need to think carefully if I want to go back there again.

3€ for that tiny cup and 3,20€ for that piece of cake. Nhung, I miss you much ~ :")


This could be called as an important day.

Didn’t plan to write this, but maybe it should be marked down.

I met Dawn today and we decided I will write the final thesis about my business plan.

So it’s important, isn’t it?

Dawn said it’s a sensible choice, because it sums up my study, and it will be the direct bridge to my future. Furthermore, I have all sort of supports here.

Only when I was already back home, I realized I told her about my lack of Finnish language skills and experience (she told me to concentrate more on strength instead of weakness), but I forgot to mention the fact that I don’t have money neither.

Well, let’s forget the worries for a moment and “dream high” anyway.

: )