to be healthier.

so recently i’ve picked up yoga again since my mind is in a daze and my body feels weak. it might take me forever to go back to yoga classes so i just bought a mat and started practicing again at home. i know the basics already anyway.

the initial problem i used to have with exercising at home was that i didn’t how where to start. i was afraid yoga could cause injuries if i didn’t know for sure what i was doing, so i thought maybe i could turn to working out instead. but then too many videos made it harder to choose. even if i fixed on something, it still didn’t feel right. so i turned back to yoga, starting with yoga for beginners vids. the ones i currently like is Sun Salutations I (19:52), and i choose whatever else i feel needed, like for the neck (9:39), the wrists (4:53). they are all short, i didn’t want to put unnecessary pressure on myself.

when i read The Happiness Project, there was this saying: “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. i didn’t quite believe it, but today i found this:

i got to know it from Career Girl Daily. it started from the beginning of the year, but every moment is anew, i can start wherever i am now. i have this problem of always wanting to have a beautiful start, e.g. it should be the beginning of the month ’cause you know, 30 days count easier that way. or something. this time, i’m going to take it easy.

i might also do the 5-minute standing ab exercises too. it’s only 5 mins per time, twice per week, so why not, right?