Saw a person I didn’t think I would today. Just a very short while, why do I think about it so much?

Anyway, with all the disturbing thoughts, I still manage to finish the first sock, and the second one is already on the way. Hopefully it will be warm and comfortable enough for my father.

Achievement of the day. <3

Achievement of the day. ❤


Mission completed.

The main purpose of this trip to Tampere is to knit a pair of socks for Duong before she goes back to Vietnam. It’s finished today, so my mission is completed. Can’t describe how glad I am, since my previous pair of socks for Linh is still with me and she’s already away from Finland. It will reach her eventually, but still…

The reason why I chose this yarn was because it had both blue and green (blue is her name and green is one of my favorite colors). However, the more I knitted, the less green it became. One good thing was that the blue was able to come out dominantly. The colors mixed well together as a whole to create quite a gentle feeling (I actually had fun guessing what color coming up next row to match with the current one when I knitted, and seeing them create some small color blocks at the ankle part). The material was soft, so I hope it will be a pair she would wear frequently.


Peaceful Sunday.

The room was organized and cleaned up. The bang was cut and the hair was moisturized. The face was freshened up with yogurt mask. Some sort of stories was shared with Mette. The very first sock was completed with help from Sofia. Several episodes of The Big Bang Theory were watched, also with Sofia’s companion (fun, fun, fun ~). The dinner was spent with Ui and Khoa. Ui cooked really fast (rice with chicken and eggs plus ketchup, which looked delicious), she finished her meal fast, and she washed the dishes fast, too. It’s like she does everything neatly and easily. Khoa joined in with his usual way of mixing up between positiveness and negativeness. Nothing was particularly great but everything felt peaceful.

The persimmon was sweet. The clementine was not any less amazing. It’s a happy fruit. Its smell spread in the air, leaving a sense of brightness on the soul.

And Bu Bu Jing Xin made me want to fall in love.

: )

The very first sock, finished with help from Sofia. ❤


. I’ve changed to drink coffee in the morning since yesterday. I had been so dead in the mornings, plus I bought condensed milk so I thought it would taste good with coffee. Mikko said it would be “drinkable”. I expected it to be better than that, but what he said is true. I added more condensed milk this morning, but it was only sweeter instead of tasting better. Anyway, it helps to be awake.

. Knitting is addicting. I’m better at holding the thread with my left hand now, so it’s looser between the knots which makes the overall process easier and faster than before. When Anna saw Sofia and I knitted, she said knitting is good for our brain : D. Then Vlad said he would like to knit as well, and it was like the whole class was suddenly interested in doing it. I told Sofia, maybe our class can start selling socks for example after a while.

I don’t know about how knitting is good for my brain yet, but it does calm my mind.

. I received the Nokia Petteri sent me (I think Jussi said I’ve been receiving so much love when he gave me yet another package). Thanks to that, this time I didn’t have to pay any “silly/stupid fee”. Another reason for me to be happy was that Dean and Mikko also mentioned their intention to help. How sweet of them.

. During coffee afternoon, I sat with Ui and Zoe. They are nice companions. We talked about Aikido, languages, and all other things.

Drinking my usual lemon tea with honey feels good, too.

. Ui and Erik and I stayed at the Dining Hall a bit longer after diner. At some point, Elena (I think that’s her name) came to ask Ui about how to see the account balance of the prepaid phone card. We had amazing fun just because of that simple topic. I loved the atmosphere.

. Yeah, it feels rather more comfortable (mukavampi) today than other previous days. I have been taking another kind of vitamin tablet so it might be the reason why I haven’t had much of bad headache. But above all, it must be because of the people around me, and people who are not around me now but still manage to remind me how loved I am.

Knitting – a new start.

I remember years ago when I was going with “little mom” to the market to choose yarn. I remember watching Duc knitting in ACET. I don’t remember why I didn’t learn how to knit, although I like yarn a lot and the warm feeling it creates.

Anyway, I’m trying to learn knitting now.

Duc and Hieu promised to send me Duc’s wooden knitting needles sometime this week. That pair will be added to my “knitting needles” because I couldn’t wait and already bought some plastic ones last Friday (2.12) to practice. Those are needles number 4. My yarn was the cheapest one in store. It is green, white, and blue.

Today, I think I managed to get the hang of Casting On, with help of Lion Brand Yarn and Knitting Tips by Judy. I will try to remember to note down my process with knitting as it goes on.