8eight – infinite love for soulful voice.

8eight belongs to the Korean group which I liked before I knew how they looked like. I have a habit of putting all the new songs I got to my iPod and listen to them in random order. When several songs made me look at the titles and artist’s name, that was when I started noticing 8eight.

8eight is a mixed group of 2 males and 1 female. I could say it’s a perfect combination of one male vocalist, one male rapper/vocalist and one female vocalist. All the songs seem to be in perfect sync of beats and rhythms. Their voices are always heartfelt. I don’t often use the word “perfect”, but I do feel it that way when I listen to them.

Soompi has full information about them, so I will just note these 3 albums/mini albums I know:

Golden Age

Download here.

Goodbye My Love

No One Cries Because They Want To (Ft. Dynamic Duo)

Without A Heart (Starring Wonder Girls’ So Hee)

The Bridge

Download here.

The End Is Coming (Starring 2PM’s Nichkhun)

Even If Your Face Changes


Availability Period


Download here.

Covering Those Lips

Official Video Clip

This is my most favorite video from them. In case you don’t understand what it is about (it’s easy to not understand a thing after watching it), user maii2o6 commented on the video and cleared up:

“On Soompi it says, “Starring Noh Ji Hoon of “Birth of a Great Star” as the male character, the video tells a story of a writer who is composing a love story. The music video opens with the author’s narration, “I don’t know how I should write the end of love… whether it is a fantasy or reality,” and projects the possible story lines that the writer contemplates.”

So at the end, he writes they get back together instead of him killing her!”

: )

Live Performance