The cold today felt sharp, but it was all good to be home again.

I remembered studying this mathematics lesson in class before. How strangely the way I remember things.

It was even weirder when I woke up at nearly 6a.m. The sky was still dark. I thought about what I normally did when I was in Lärkkulla during that time of the day – went for a bath, put on clothes for going out, put on make-up (curled up my lash, had some blush powder for my cheeks and lip balm for my lips), went for a morning walk, and came back at 8a.m for breakfast. I also thought about the mornings when I was working at GPD – morning bath, breakfast, and 2 buses. I missed it all. A lot.

Listening to IU’s Modern Times album with headphones made a huge difference – much much better than listening on laptop’s and iPod’s speakers. Made me fall in love with it every single time.

Pledis released choreograph version for Kahi’s It’s Me. Love love love love it! She doesn’t look too skinny here, and the American style she dances is awesome! Kahi = Cool!



. When I saw the wind blowing the leaves off the branches, I finally understood why the other name of autumn is fall.

The leaves fall from the trees.

The rain falls from the sky.

And maybe, we fall in love.

Maybe there won't be many leaves left anymore for long...

There won’t be many leaves left anymore for long…

. It was a sunny day. Absentmindedly, I picked up the rose shower gel instead of lily of the valley. Rose for rainy days, lily of the valley for sunny ones. Well, didn’t matter. Scent of rose by my side, what is there to complain about.

. Had baked sweet potatoes in the evening. Made me miss home and my beloved childhood.

. : )


The class today concentrated on grammar exercise, so I had chance to practice it. I asked Mikko many times to confirm, most of them were correct, so at one point he told me to have some confidence in myself : D. It was not the first time somebody told me that. I might be doing well but it never seems to be certain for me. Maybe I should just practice more and more and more, until at some point I myself can also see that without confirmation from other people.

I was in a group of 4. Van and Khoi I knew from the previous class, and there was another Vietnamese girl who I still don’t know the name. It was nice to talk and smile naturally without the feeling of “I need to be friendly and smiley”. I guess it was the natural effect of being surrounded by people from the same culture. It felt easy and comforting. Van and Khoi later on added my facebook. Probably it wasn’t too bad of a choice to go back there.

On the way back home, I smiled at some old women. They walked very slowly with the help of the sticks. I looked at them and smiled. They seemed to be surprised, and then they smiled back. I hope they were happy.

I also talked a little bit with my neighbor right outside our building. Only after that I realized I spoke quite fluently, although it might not be the usual spoken language. But hey, I used the language! : D

I met Nhung online so we chatted a little bit. Then I continued with drawing, according to the instruction from the book You Can Draw in 30 Days – the first step from this article. The project requires 20 minutes per day – doable. I don’t intend to get a job as a designer, but I definitely want to learn Graphic Design. Actually, at some point I was quite interested in Interior Design, but it seems to involve quite a lot of mathematics (I have serious doubt of myself on this subject), and I don’t seem to like it that much, so I decided to put it aside. Graphic Design is a different thing. I’m also learning a bit more coding afterwards. Enjoying those things.

There's the avocado I based on to draw (unrecognizable on the paper I drew, of course...) and the cactus pot I used to get the circle. : p

There’s the avocado I based on to draw (unrecognizable on the paper I drew, of course…) and the cactus pot I used to get the circle. : p

Yesterday I downloaded album First Love by F-ve Dolls. Coincident or not, I also liked album of the same name – First Love, by After School not long ago. I don’t like them as much as Pink Tape by f(x) (I listened to this one nearly 100 times already! Within only about a month and a week!), but they all are the albums I constantly reach out to now (in fact, listening to them right now while typing this blog post, and moving and singing along ~). I like 3 albums this year, so many! It never happened before! Wonder how I will like IU’s upcoming album. It for sure won’t have the mystery theme like “Last Fantasy”, and I’m not very convinced with her blonde hair, but let’s see. And today is her 5th anniversary since debut! Hope she had a nice day.

Okay, that’s it. Let’s do more useful things tomorrow.

Christmas After School.

Ever since I knew Love Love Love from After School, I’ve wanted to post it on Christmas. Although it’s one year old, I still find joy when I watch it, especially the performance in which all the members were smiling child-likely.



MV (version 2)

Don’t you just want to smile along while watching them? 8->

This year, Pledis has Love Letter which features After School, Son Dam Bi, and some new faces soon-to-be-debuted.


I wish their performance would have all of them who appeared in the MV (especially Son Dam Bi), but I guess it’s too crowded that way.


I’m gonna fall in love

I’m gonna hold your hand” ~


Giáng Sinh an lành! Merry Christmas! Hyvää Joulua!

Shanghai Romance – Orange Caramel. <3

I’ve never really paid attention to Orange Caramel – a sub-unit of After School. Even recently I got obsessed with After School, Orange Caramel didn’t seem like having any effect on me.

Naturally though, I’ve been following closely on their come-back. Finally, today, Pledis released their 4th single “Shanghai Romance”. This is following “Bangkok City” earlier this year in “One Asia Project”.

I’m not quite a big fan of cutesy group. I think the Orange Caramel girls themselves didn’t feel comfortable being so cute (Nana, at least. Maybe not quite so for Lizzy). But they pulled it out well. In this “Shanghai Romance” MV, I actually think it shows their characteristics. I couldn’t help but smiling with their reactions when they are “rejected” by the guy. Cuteness overload!

The song itself is catchy. I have been clicking Replay button for a while. Trying to figuring out who singing what is also a fun part.

In the MV, the scenes of the boy and either one of the girls in the dark room filled with lanterns have something really romantic. : )

And who could resist the “wo ai ni” at the end? :”)

Ooh, by the way, I ❤ the logo of Orange Caramel. XD

After School – mature beauty.

I started knowing After School when I was practice dancing with Dean and the others. Dean said After School was the only Korean group which he liked about the dancing part. It made me curious on why, then came the needed patience to get to know them despite the first “I don’t like it” impression.


Once I knew them, I could see them differentiate themselves quite well with other cute and baby-doll girl groups. Their dance moves are firm and strong, yet still sexy and attractive. Of course there are times when they appear to be “cute” sometimes, too, but they are female and they don’t act like teenagers anyway.

Not only the way they dance, I also like the catchy rhythm in their songs. Except for Bang! which took me a while to get used to, other songs are more ear-friendly. I actually listened and liked them first before watching the videos or live performance on YouTube.


live performance

Because of You

video clip (with eng sub)

live performance


official video clip

live performance

What I was confused about After School was their group members. With all the adding, changing and splitting in a group which I didn’t know so well, it was difficult to keep track. They currently have 8 members, in which I know 3. The first one is Uee, I knew her from K-drama You’re Beautiful. The second is Kahi (leader). I have no idea how I spotted her out from other members. I guess I knew the fact Kahi is the leader first, then I watched the clips and she appeared to have that spark. The third one is Raina, who was the main character in Shampoo video clip. Now that they split the group into two with different concept (After School Red for firm, powerful and sexy, and After School Blue for cute and bright), it’s easier to notice the members. (Orange Caramel was also a sub-group from After School. I didn’t pay attention to it, so no comment on that.)

Into the Night Sky – After School Red

official video clip

Wonder Boy – After School Blue

official video clip

Into the Night Sky – After School Red and Wonder Boy – After School Blue live performance

I look forward for more songs from them ~