The cold today felt sharp, but it was all good to be home again.

I remembered studying this mathematics lesson in class before. How strangely the way I remember things.

It was even weirder when I woke up at nearly 6a.m. The sky was still dark. I thought about what I normally did when I was in Lärkkulla during that time of the day – went for a bath, put on clothes for going out, put on make-up (curled up my lash, had some blush powder for my cheeks and lip balm for my lips), went for a morning walk, and came back at 8a.m for breakfast. I also thought about the mornings when I was working at GPD – morning bath, breakfast, and 2 buses. I missed it all. A lot.

Listening to IU’s Modern Times album with headphones made a huge difference – much much better than listening on laptop’s and iPod’s speakers. Made me fall in love with it every single time.

Pledis released choreograph version for Kahi’s It’s Me. Love love love love it! She doesn’t look too skinny here, and the American style she dances is awesome! Kahi = Cool!



. When I saw the wind blowing the leaves off the branches, I finally understood why the other name of autumn is fall.

The leaves fall from the trees.

The rain falls from the sky.

And maybe, we fall in love.

Maybe there won't be many leaves left anymore for long...

There won’t be many leaves left anymore for long…

. It was a sunny day. Absentmindedly, I picked up the rose shower gel instead of lily of the valley. Rose for rainy days, lily of the valley for sunny ones. Well, didn’t matter. Scent of rose by my side, what is there to complain about.

. Had baked sweet potatoes in the evening. Made me miss home and my beloved childhood.

. : )