Shanghai Romance – Orange Caramel. <3

I’ve never really paid attention to Orange Caramel – a sub-unit of After School. Even recently I got obsessed with After School, Orange Caramel didn’t seem like having any effect on me.

Naturally though, I’ve been following closely on their come-back. Finally, today, Pledis released their 4th single “Shanghai Romance”. This is following “Bangkok City” earlier this year in “One Asia Project”.

I’m not quite a big fan of cutesy group. I think the Orange Caramel girls themselves didn’t feel comfortable being so cute (Nana, at least. Maybe not quite so for Lizzy). But they pulled it out well. In this “Shanghai Romance” MV, I actually think it shows their characteristics. I couldn’t help but smiling with their reactions when they are “rejected” by the guy. Cuteness overload!

The song itself is catchy. I have been clicking Replay button for a while. Trying to figuring out who singing what is also a fun part.

In the MV, the scenes of the boy and either one of the girls in the dark room filled with lanterns have something really romantic. : )

And who could resist the “wo ai ni” at the end? :”)

Ooh, by the way, I ❤ the logo of Orange Caramel. XD