I was not in good mood since the morning. Telling myself to not let a total jerk ruin my day, but it didn’t go very well. Fortunately, this collaboration makes my day.

I’m not a big fan of Lucky. Maybe it’s because I don’t relate to it at all. I only started to like it a bit when Phat and Long were practicing this song in guitar in the middle of the night. That was definitely something to remember.

Anyway, about this video, I have to say that I watch it because of IU. She didn’t disappoint me. She sang prettily. Jung Yong Hwa (CNBlue) himself was not bad. I think he was a bit nervous at first, but it went smoothly after some seconds. For an English song, the overall performance was nice.

The bonus point is the subtitle style. It’s absolutely cute and adorable!

K-pop – my pain reliever these days.