The class today concentrated on grammar exercise, so I had chance to practice it. I asked Mikko many times to confirm, most of them were correct, so at one point he told me to have some confidence in myself : D. It was not the first time somebody told me that. I might be doing well but it never seems to be certain for me. Maybe I should just practice more and more and more, until at some point I myself can also see that without confirmation from other people.

I was in a group of 4. Van and Khoi I knew from the previous class, and there was another Vietnamese girl who I still don’t know the name. It was nice to talk and smile naturally without the feeling of “I need to be friendly and smiley”. I guess it was the natural effect of being surrounded by people from the same culture. It felt easy and comforting. Van and Khoi later on added my facebook. Probably it wasn’t too bad of a choice to go back there.

On the way back home, I smiled at some old women. They walked very slowly with the help of the sticks. I looked at them and smiled. They seemed to be surprised, and then they smiled back. I hope they were happy.

I also talked a little bit with my neighbor right outside our building. Only after that I realized I spoke quite fluently, although it might not be the usual spoken language. But hey, I used the language! : D

I met Nhung online so we chatted a little bit. Then I continued with drawing, according to the instruction from the book You Can Draw in 30 Days – the first step from this article. The project requires 20 minutes per day – doable. I don’t intend to get a job as a designer, but I definitely want to learn Graphic Design. Actually, at some point I was quite interested in Interior Design, but it seems to involve quite a lot of mathematics (I have serious doubt of myself on this subject), and I don’t seem to like it that much, so I decided to put it aside. Graphic Design is a different thing. I’m also learning a bit more coding afterwards. Enjoying those things.

There's the avocado I based on to draw (unrecognizable on the paper I drew, of course...) and the cactus pot I used to get the circle. : p

There’s the avocado I based on to draw (unrecognizable on the paper I drew, of course…) and the cactus pot I used to get the circle. : p

Yesterday I downloaded album First Love by F-ve Dolls. Coincident or not, I also liked album of the same name – First Love, by After School not long ago. I don’t like them as much as Pink Tape by f(x) (I listened to this one nearly 100 times already! Within only about a month and a week!), but they all are the albums I constantly reach out to now (in fact, listening to them right now while typing this blog post, and moving and singing along ~). I like 3 albums this year, so many! It never happened before! Wonder how I will like IU’s upcoming album. It for sure won’t have the mystery theme like “Last Fantasy”, and I’m not very convinced with her blonde hair, but let’s see. And today is her 5th anniversary since debut! Hope she had a nice day.

Okay, that’s it. Let’s do more useful things tomorrow.