Some birds flying under the gloomy cloud.

I filled up my day with sleeping and IU. I listened to IU’s songs, watched her being in variety shows, and read news about her. The more I know about her, the more I like her a lot. The impression I get is she’s a smart person and she knows what she’s doing. She might not get full power to control what she does as an idol, but she still has her freedom to do what she likes. She’s brave, too, despite being quite small. And she’s hard-working. I don’t know much about other idols, but IU I know is the kind of person that can lift up other people’s mood just by persistently doing her own thing. I’m truly glad I got to know her.

Yesterday I got to know a boy group which was unexpectedly good. Truc likes Infinite so she recommended me to watch the collaborate performance between Infinite and Teen Top in Music Bank Half Year Wrap-Up program. Thanks to that, I was interested in… Teen Top. If this performance is to be divided to 4 parts, I especially like the 4th one.

Then today, after watching After School and Teen Top in Music Core, I found… Juniel. It was a surprise. I don’t deny she reminds me of IU (female solo singer with guitar, same hairstyle with IU’s Good Day), but it’s not the reason why I like her. Love this performance, especially the beautiful screen background which matches so well with all the other things.

Now, it’s time to sleep.