Kara has been around since 2007 and I certainly knew them. It’s just that, I never paid much attention to them even during their peak time. Not long ago, 2 members left the group when their contracts expired, leaving the group to be with only 3 members. A reality program followed to select new member(s) to join the group. In the end, 1 was chosen, and they’ve just made their comeback with the line-up of 4 recently.

I’m not 100% sure but the reason for me to not follow them much might have something to do with the fact that their concentration is much heavier in Japan than in Korea. It’s easy to follow news from Korea but I don’t really know any pages for news in Japan. I’m not even a fan so I don’t find the need to go through a lot to get to know about a group that I initially didn’t have anything to do with anyway.

For as far as I knew though, they fave me the impression of ‘genuinely humble and nice’. I think the first member i knew was Goo Hara (?) Watched her in City Hunter. Then I knew Seung Yeon and Ji Young, they participated in Running Man. I heard about Nicole quite often, but only knew more when I watched her in Heroes where she appeared with other people (including my favorite singer – as well as the main reason why i watched it in the first place – IU). i only knew Gyuri recently, when she wrote a letter to fans. And Young Ji is the new member. Apart from their mutual ‘genuinely humble and nice’ trait, from the little things I saw, each of them has their own distinctive attractiveness. Gyuri is a gentle and mature leader. Seung Yeon is bright and smiley. Nicole is determined and hard-working. Hara… I think she has a doll image (?) – not in a bad way though. I don’t know much about Ji Young and now she left the group, so… but I remember watching an MV before, and together with Gyuri, Ji Young looked a lot like a Japanese to me. I was more impressed with Seung Yeon in RunningMman, but I also think Ji Young is attentive and caring, too. And Young Ji, at times when I watch the videos, I mistook her for Seung Yeon. At the same time, she looked a lot like Joo Yeon from After School and some people said that they also thought of Moon Chae Won. I heard one person wasn’t chosen to be in the group because she looked like Hara, and now they have one who looks like Seung Yeon (even koreas agree with me in this), so I’m like… hmmm… The look aside, she gave me the impression that she’s really putting her all to the group and trying her best. I know many people are still refusing to accept her since the hole Nicole and Ji Young left is too big to fill and emotionally too much to handle, but at the same time I feel that Young Ji is exactly what Kara needs right now. With the new spirit she brings with her, she’s such a breath of fresh air. For groups who have been around in the industry for a long time, they seem to be awry and lack of energy, which is understandable but also rather sad. I hope Young Ji reminds them of how they first started, with all the hope and strength to go out there and let the world know. Nothing can be changed anymore, it’s impossible now to bring back Nicole and Ji Young, so better take best advantage of the situation.

I wasn’t much into their Mamma Mia MV at first, but their performance got me interested. I started to like the rhythm, it sounded like… Kara. The dance wasn’t weak, quite nice even. Not overly sexy, not overly cute, everything was just right. And the fanchant, wow!

I heard they got their first win on Show Champion yesterday (which will broadcast today – wednesday). The competition has been pretty strong recently so I’m glad they won. They headed to Japan again today though… Not sure whether they’ll still be promoting in Korea, but well, all the best for them!