. 13 November was also Moon Chae Won’s birthday, and i’m happy that Awaiting is going to be shown in the cinema. one of my most favorite movies this year. wonder how the ticket price would be when it’s only 30 minutes though… maybe it will be together with other movies in ‘Beautiful 2014’ series? anyway, however it is, i’m glad it will be available for wider audience. hope more people will watch and appreciate it as much as i do. and release an OST album, please?

. watching Let’s Run Away with Eng sub apparently made me like it even more. made me feel like being in love…


MC Mong (MC 몽) – Miss Me or Diss Me

Miss Me or Diss Me album cover.

Miss Me or Diss Me album cover.

I knew about Mc Mong a long time ago, when Ngan was still here and I didn’t know much about K-pop. I liked Sick Enough to Die at the time, and Ngan told me about his scandal. I didn’t pay much attention back then.

Well, I still don’t want to talk much about scandals. What I got is that he was sentenced for deliberately delaying enlistment (when he was 18 to 30 years old i think?), but he was cleared of intentionally pulling out healthy teeth to be exempted from military duty. I don’t want to sound like making excuse for him, but maybe he thought he still had time to do it later, only to found out later he didn’t have enough teeth to enlist? I heard he requested to do it after the investigation but the military declined? At least to me it wasn’t like a murder or domestic violence case, so I still listen to his music. And it’s actually good music.

I listened to the whole album (when I was cooking, so yeah, full concentration, ha ha), and I could say that it’s a solid full-length album. It makes me want to listen to it many more times again. There are many great artists featuring in it, and I suppose they actually know the man and decide to collaborate with him nonetheless even when his public image is damaged. Isn’t it better than looking from the outside and judge and blame? I know it didn’t sound very fair, but he paid the price, and this bad reputation will remain with him for the rest of his life anyway. He did all he could and he was hiding himself away from the industry for 5 years already. He also needs to continue living, right? He’s good at making music. Let him be. Let he have a chance to live.

Oh and there’s a song that stands out to me from the album. Lemme match the Korean words to find it and add the song here.


Okay, here it is. Seems like its name is Let’s Run Away, ft. Lyn.

And this is the full album: