Rainbow – some colors I’ve just discovered.

I think I’ve heard the name “Rainbow” sometime ago, but I didn’t pay attention to them back then (them in particular and K-pop in general). Just yesterday, I listened to a song from my iPod and liked it immediately. It’s To Me by Rainbow. However, personally, I honestly think it’s better to listen to the song, than to watch its MV.

The second song I know from Rainbow is Sweet Dream.

The choreography in this song is less provocative than To Me. I actually like it more when I watch the dance practice version. It even makes me want to learn how to dance it.

Despite how easy it looks, I had difficult time to learn it by myself. I guess I’ll need to ask Dean to see if he can show me how to work with it. -.-”

Rainbow has some other songs as well, but I haven’t been impressed by those just yet. : )