VIXX (빅스) – Error


I admit I didn’t check new music from new groups as much as I should. I know the enormous effort they put in to produce the music that it takes only a couple of minutes for us to listen to, so really we should always give them a chance. I try my best but sometimes it’s just so easy to fall back to old pattern, listen to music from known artists only, and it’s such a waste. This time, fortunately VIXX has Youngji from KARA to feature in their MV. I had seen the name of the group already, and I had heard people talking good things about them, so this last bit was the necessary factor for me to reach out. I didn’t watch the show to choose new member for KARA so I don’t have a fixed impression about her beforehand, but as far as I see her in KARA, she’s adorkably cute (lol I think ‘adorkable’ isn’t a valid word, I just mix “a dork” and “adorable”), she makes me want to watch her more.

They didn’t disappoint me. It was a nice song with beautiful MV that had a story. It was visually stunning and the flow of upbeat music kept me watching until the end. It was strong and intense and it made me feel a lot. It might be a bit difficult to follow the story line from the first time watching, but soompi helped me with this.

The music video features Hongbin, who is sad at the death of his girlfriend, played by Kara‘s Youngji. After turning himself into a robot, he creates one of Youngji and gives her the same memories. They are then chased by people who find Youngji’s existence illegal.

Ah ~ Talking about it like this makes me feel like watching it again now.

The song seems to be doing well on charts, so I’m happy for them.

The mini-album of the same name was also released. I listened to it and it was good, too. Recommended.

Apparently they are going to have a tour in US. I wish them best of luck, and I will keep eyes for their future activities.