Happy birthday to Nhung. : )

It’s Nhung’s birthday today. I cooked for her for the first time, Truc baked a matcha chiffon, and Phat baked an apple tart.

I hope Nhung had a good day. She’s a good person who always yearns for the best. For all her efforts, she deserves the best, too. Her new age, I hope it’s filled with joy.

: )


Matti’s day.

I missed 2 Food Hygiene tests. The first one was because I didn’t know how to get to the place, it was snowing like crazy, and I just knew I wouldn’t be able to make it, why waste money. The second one was because I was sick. Finally, yesterday, Matti gave Long and I a ride to Hämeenlinna to take the test. Matti’s father, Na and Lam tagged along. It was funny, with the fact that we were so excited as if we went to enjoy each other’s accompany instead of the main reason: the test.

Of course, saying so doesn’t mean we would forget our main purpose. Both Long and I passed the test. I was so happy! Despite the effort of listening to the lectures a couple of times and read as much as I could, I was still nervously guessing most of the answers. When it came out I got 36/40, it was such a relief.

Coincidentally, yesterday was also Matti’s birthday. When I knew it, I got why Matti’s father wanted to go with us. Both Na and I felt that it was cute. We think he wanted to spend time with his son for the birthday.

After the test, we didn’t stay in Hämeenlinna to go around and take pictures as planned, but going back to Valkeakoski right away because Matti’s father needed to watch a football match (live, at the stadium, if I understood correctly). I thought we would go home after dropping him off in the center, but Matti said “We are going to Idea Park!”.

silently blooming...

We were there for quite a while. Having lunch/dinner, giving Matti the CD we secret bought, going around the stores.

Matti and the gift. Don't know why he made that kind of face and position.

This is what I ordered - chicken wings, 12 pieces, plus many cucumber and carrot sticks from Na's portion.

Na and I went to the pet shop twice because of two very cute bunnies. Lam joined us when we went there the second time. He has been talking about buying a bunny for the last couple of days, saying it would be nice to have it if he stays here for the summer. I don’t have anything against bunnies. They are cute. But for some certain reasons I don’t want to list them all out, I just don’t like the idea of buying one.

One of the two. The hair color on her nose was so cute. She was the livelier, jumping all over the place, splashing stuffs to the other one which made the other one startled, rolling on the "floor". The other one reminded me of Yrsä - silently naughty. At the end before we left, they were lying down together. Face to face, hands to hands, feet to feet - absolutely adorable. *Photo taken by Na.

Then we went to Matti’s parents’ place. Dean joined us from that point on.

Matti had 2 birthday cakes, one was made by his mother and one was made by Dean. They were both gluten free so the taste was a bit different, but I think both of them were good. We had the cakes with tea in the candle light.

Cutting Dean's blueberry cake ~

Cutting his mother's strawberry cake ~

My first portion :") Taken by Na's camera. I didn't take the second portion with Dean's blueberry cake, because the memory card of Na's camera was full. She would need to find a photo to delete for me to take another picture, which was exactly what she did for me to have this photo. :")

We didn’t stop at that. Our next destination was Matti’s department. We were chilling there, taking a look at Matti’s collection of the old CDs, then we watched the pilot episode of Northern Exposure.

"There are three things you can't get away from. Loneliness, that certain kind of woman, and God."

It was a long day, but I’m glad I was able to join and to enjoy it.

I don’t know if you would ever find this blog and read this, but thank you for everything and happy birthday, Matti! I hope things will work out for you.

*This post is written on 15th March 2012.