I would actually like to have this beautiful ring.

I think it would make a nice gift, too.


Some other stuffs I like today.

They’re not only links so I won’t put this post under “Links I like today” category. Or maybe I will change it to “Stuffs I like today” category? Ideas, anyone?

. Search by Image

I accidentally found out about this when I was looking for SNSD photos. I didn’t know it’s possible! Gonna try it out sometime.

Only by watching this video, I realized they must have made the photo-shoot in Tampere! I have to get used to the idea that they can do this kind of stuff very close to me ha ha ~

Oh I like some/most photos they put on their blog, too.

❤ XD

I like one of the guys. Guess who I talk about? :”)

. YAN TV showed the first episode extract from 2NE1 TV this evening. I liked it pretty much at first, but then I was disappointed because I realized they didn’t show it exactly as it is from 2NE1. Apart from that, I still enjoyed seeing those 4 girls in their daily lives. They are very cute. I was laughing even when I was in sauna thinking back about the part when Park Bom was not allowed to eat corn because it has too much calorie. It went like:

Instructor: Say 5 times you hate corn!

Bom: I hate corn! I hate corn! I hate corn! I hate corn! I hate corn!

Instructor: Why?

Bom: Because it has too much calorie but it doesn’t make me full and I will still need to eat soon after that!

Instructor: Do you like corn?

Bom: Yes, I do.

Instructor: Then it’s not okay!!!!

Bom: I hate corn! I hate corn!

Instructor: Is corn yummy?

Bom (stopped for a second): No, it’s not!

I don’t remember exactly because I watched it only once and didn’t manage to find it again, but it went somehow like that. I felt sorry for Bom, but she was so cute and it was so hilarious, especially when she stopped for a second to not fall into the trick and answered correctly! : D

The second part I like was when Dara was wandering around, waiting for her turn to use the bathroom. She came to CL’s upstairs bed and they made fun with the camera. I don’t know if you have patience enough, but it’s at around the end of this video. YG doesn’t upload 2NE1 the first season and I’m not sure how long this link will last, so enjoy it while we can. : p

Links I like today (or even before that).

It’s rare for me to like many links during the same day, so I will gather them and put into one post. The problem is only that I often forget things : D. This time there won’t be many, but more of what I thought.

. Kamakiriad (from yakusoku)

This post is about l’Eau d’Issey perfume and the relation of it with an album named Kamakiriad. l’Eau d’Issey is the second perfume I chose to use after Laura Biagiotti, and I haven’t yet found another perfume which suits me like those 2 (At some point, I thought I would go with Marry Me!, but I’m thinking again). If I ever want to write something about l’Eau d’Issey, I guess I wouldn’t be able to write better than this review. It perfectly fits with how I’ve experienced with the perfume. This is love. ❤

. For Amy (from sis Vi Chan)

For the information, I’m not Amy Winehouse’s fan. I don’t like nor hate her. If I have to choose to go toward only one direction, it would be “hate”, but not that strong. It’s because I didn’t have good impression with her right from the first time I knew her, and of course I wouldn’t bother to try to know more. The reason why she died doesn’t make it any better. But I like this post. Maybe reading the point of view from somebody who knows her makes me feel, like, more real. I don’t know why I chose this word, but it just comes out every time I think about the whole thing. I feel she’s also a person who struggled hard with her life. Maybe in the end, she was able to find the way she wanted. I don’t know. It’s sad.

It’s just not sadder than what happened in Norway.

. Worth it? Urbanears’ fashion headphones. (from Urbanears facebook page)

Just because I have an Urbanears headphone in Grass color, which Harri often teased me with “Chi has GREEN green headphones. Not just green, but GREEN.”…

Oh by the way, when they talk about the possibility of putting the headphones to the washing machine, don’t believe it. : D

Links I like today.

I’ve just noticed that I have been reading through many interesting posts today, thanks to my friends on facebook. Then I think it might be good to save them here, just in case I want to read again sometime. And maybe, if someone comes across this little corner, they may enjoy it, too.

Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales (from my teacher Brian Joyce)

. Things You Might Not Know How To Do Yet (from sis Water Fairy)

. Làm bếp thời @ (from Miu Hâm)

And some other links I like previously:

. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 Breaks Box Office Records

街カップ&プレート (Street Cups & Plates)

. Personal Moon series (from Boy_Wonder)