I don’t really know what to write about this year. There were many things happened which I was too lazy to note them all down. In a way it is a good sign, it means I’ve been enjoying the real life out there a lot more than this cyberspace. In another way, I feel a bit guilty since I won’t be able to remember the things I don’t write about, especially the happy things.

Anyway, although time is limited, I’ll still write something.

2015 seems to be brighter than 2014, despite many low times. I found a man who is all I’ve hoped for. He’s sensible, gentle, smart. He cares for me. I’ve been in touch a lot more often with other people – my sister, Oanh, Khoa, Truc, “little mom”, Doina, Antti, MattiK. I’ve been going around a lot more, reaching out more, giving myself chances and the energy boost that previously I hesitated to get (I was always afraid that I bothered people too much, forgot that I would make them worried even more if I wasn’t getting better). I’ve been doing yoga almost every day, meditating and exercising regularly too. The grey cloud is still hanging over my head, but I’ve been finding the strength I need to keep moving bravely. Healing and growing up.

As for entertainment ~

Most favorite dramas:

  • You Are My SunShine (Bên Nhau Trọn Đời)
  • Healer
  • Twenty Again
  • Reply 1988 (still ongoing, but I’ve really liked it so far)
  • The Producers
  • Jang Ok Jung (didn’t finish though, was getting too strong emotions and was afraid of the ending)

Albums I listen to a lot:

  • 4 Walls – f(x)
  • Healer OST
  • I – Taeyeon
  • MADE – Big Bang
  • Opus At The End Of Everything – The Flashbulb
  • Chat-shire – IU
  • Colors – miss A
  • 2gether – CNBlue
  • The Red – Red Velvet



  • The Painted Veil
  • When Marnie Was There
  • Waking Life
  • Before Sunrise + Before Sunset + Before Midnight


  • Caroline Hirons (my skin condition has improved a lot since I followed her advice)

I read a couple of books but nothing stands out in my mind right now… Probably The Woman Who Stole My Life since it was the last book I finished and it made me laught a lot. Oh, So Good They Can’t Ignore You was good too, lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders.

I may or may not add more to this post. Get going now ~



2014, aka the year everything hurt but somehow i didn’t die (x)

To be honest, I don’t like this year very much. The positiveness I tried to generate for myself feels like nothing compared with the burden and pressure I had on my shoulder. Overall, I would describe this year as a heavy grey cloud day. I knew it could be worse, I was thankful for everything I had. Just that, the suffocation was incredibly hard to bear sometimes.

One thing that made an impact on me was the trip to France in summer. I looked at motherhood in a whole new light. No words were enough to describe my admiration to my mom, my sister, and all the moms in this world. I was reminded a bit of the unpleasant feelings from childhood, but I got to spend time and talk more to my sister, which was something I definitely needed. And I had chance to meet my nephews, they were so demanding at times but super duper cute nonetheless. I must be biased, but to me, they were certainly the most adorable kids I ever knew of, and felt closest to.

Talking about my nephew, I managed to claim first place for Kites Beauty Contest, one of the prizes was a coupon of 3 million VND to spend on an online shopping site. I gave it to my family, and they decided to buy a red tricycle for Samuel Thang Long as birthday gift. I was happy.

I deliberately listened to more music this year, not just title tracks but the whole albums/mini-albums, not just from familiar artists but from new ones as well. It was one of the rare things I was satisfied with.

My most favorite albums:

  • Play – Akdong Musicians (it’s so fresh and innocent, it brings me all sort of good feelings)
  • A Flower Bookmark – IU (except for song number 2 – Flower, I’m still not able to get into it)
  • 1989 – Taylor Swift (my jams used to be Enchanted and Sparks Fly from Speak Now, and they still are, just that now there’s a whole new album to listen to. most fav: Out of the Woods, All You Had to Do Was Stay, Wildest Dreams, This Love, Bad Blood, Blank Space, Wonderland, I Wish You Would. least fav: I Know Places)

Other notable ones:

  • Can’t Stop – CNBlue
  • Ghost Stories – Coldplay
  • Happiness – Hurts
  • Red Light – f(x) (most fav: Butterfly, Red Light, Dracula, All Night)
  • Crush – 2NE1 (most fav: Gotta Be You)
  • 2014 S/S – Winner
  • King O’ Irie – Skull
  • Shoebox – Epik High (most fav: We Fight Ourselves – ft. Younha)

My most favorite songs:

  • Let’s Run Away – MC Mong (ft. Lyn)
  • Stay With Me – Taeyang (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Overdose – EXO
  • Mamma Mia – KARA
  • Evanesce – Super Junior
  • Error – VIXX
  • Your Scent – Jung In ft. Gary (I would choose this song as best collaboration of the year, but well, it’s just me)
  • The Happiest Time of My Life – MC Mong (ft. Huh Gak)
  • E.R. – MC Mong (ft. The Channels)
  • Piano – Toy (Yoo Hee Yeol)
  • Pianissimo – Toy (Yoo Hee Yeol) (ft. Lim Kim)
  • When Would It Be – Yoon Hyun Sang ft. IU
  • Don’t Look At Me Like That – Song Jieun
  • U – John Park
  • Sogyeokdong – IU
  • Mr Mr – Girls’ Generation

My most favorite OSTs:

  • Sleepless Night – Crush ft. Punch (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)
  • I Love You – Yoon Mi Rae (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)
  • It’s Okay, It’s Love – Davichi (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)
  • I Want to Love You – Alex (My Lovely Girl OST)
  • Only You – Kim Tae Woo (My Lovely Girl OST)

My most favorite playlists:

As for dramas, Misaeng totally stole my heart. It hit so close to home. It was so amazing, so exceptional, I was impressed. I think the last time I was this into a drama must be when I watched Nice Guy in late 2012. Misaeng focused on the working life in a trade company, it was known for not forcing romantic relationships into the story line. But it was, “at its barest, all about relationships and the affection, these characters have for each other” (x). Actually, I wouldn’t mind dramas about love. The thing is, for a long while, I didn’t really absorb into the emotions they portrayed. I would think, “Hmm, they acted so well”. But with Misaeng for example, I didn’t think about their acting at all. Only at some point, I read some comment saying “it was fictional” about something else, only then I realized yeah it was true, Misaeng was a scripted drama on screen. But it felt real. It felt so close to reality that people were inevitably drawn to it, relate to it, sympathized with the characters. During the time when I watched and when it finished, I just knew it would definitely make it to my list of one-of-a-kind dramas. And indeed, it was my most favorite drama of the year. I was so thankful to everyone who involved in making this project coming to life.

Other dramas I liked were It’s Okay That’s Love, You Who Came from the Stars, and My Lovely Girl. I liked It’s Okay That’s Love for its message about mental illness. You Who Came from the Stars shined thanks to the cast, especially Jun Ji Hyun. My Lovely Girl was not everyone’s cup of tea, it had potential that in the end didn’t manage to reach, but I liked its soft feeling.

I think I didn’t watch many movies… Among the ones I did, on top of my mind now are About Time, Roman Holiday, and Funny Face. I liked all of them.

I finished a couple of books, mostly fiction. The ones I remember having good time reading and still have positive feeling after are One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. Not too deep or profound, but good to lift up the mood.

Discoveries of the year:


  • Card Captor Sakura

Not sure if I forget anything. Anyway, so yeah, that’s it for 2014. I’m now ready to move on. 🙂