a couple of days ago i watched City Lights (1931). it was the first time i completed watching a silent movie, as well as a Charlie Chaplin’s one. thinking about it, i rarely ever watched anything completely when i was in Vietnam. i caught glimpse of this and that every now and then, but there was no recall of anything from the beginning to the very end. i wonder whether that was why i subconsciously set myself to finish every single movies and dramas that i started ever since i came here, to satisfy the freedom and control of life that i longed for, although back then i  really didn’t have any idea why i was doing certain things. i only stopped when i paused and thought, “why do i waste my time like this? if it’s not good, why do i keep torturing myself?”. freeing or trapping, it’s all in my head.

“City Lights” wasn’t bad though. it was very nice, in fact. it was light and humorous and endearing.

“He must be wealthy.”

“Yes, but he’s more than that.”

i’m glad i watched it.

coincidentally, not long after, i came across this short video (~ 4 minutes) yoga for wrists. it’s cute and it makes me smile every time i practice. lovely.


Gentle yoga sequences

i’ve been consistently practicing yoga every day after the 30-day challenge. i love the changes yoga does for my body. all the stretching does me wonder. no more sore shoulders and neck, straighter spine – to name a few obvious. i don’t plan to stop ever again.

yesterday i didn’t have time to do it in the morning, so i decided to do a gentle bed-time sequence. it matched with a gentle morning sequence so i did it today morning as well. usually i would like something more uplifting for the morning, but today is the first day of that monthly period (no wonder i’ve been feeling really tired) so seems like life has a way of better organizing things for me than myself. i liked both of them, maybe i will do them again for these days instead of exploring new videos for the time being.