Kim Tae Woo (김태우) – I Only Want You (너 하나만) (My Lovely Girl(내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀) OST Part.4)


The song, ‘I only want you’ is a medium pop that shows the dual feelings of love that’s both sad and joyous.

Ever since I watch this drama, I think subconsciously I notice my heartbeat more when I listen to songs. Isn’t it nice, to feel the thumping sound in your chest when you smile because you know it’s a good piece of music? Seo Taiji’s Sogyeokdong, Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods,… The feelings are different every time but they all share one thing in common – they light you up from inside. Every time the heart beats, it’s like something drops and you instantly crave for more.

I like this song. Tae Woo’s voice, the rhythm, the backing vocal, the lyrics,… Everything harmonizes together perfectly. The MV is so cute it makes me smile. Reminds me that Tae Woo was cute in the drama, too, awkwardly cute. I heard people calling him “bear”? With quite a loving voice at that. So I guess I’m the only person who was “fooled” by his cool appearance (maybe because of his dark shades? and photos of him in dark shades with his wife and two daughters). And he’s also the maknae (youngest member) in g.o.d! When I heard Kim Jong Kook mentioned this fact in Running Man, it really caught me off-guard. Lol, cuteness all around.

New episode was broadcast today. I hope they introduce more nice songs like this, the OSTs have been very good so far. I actually really enjoy this drama. Don’t need to think too much, just let it lead me through the feels.

Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods

"Midnight tonight".

Midnight tonight”.

When Taylor Swift releases her music, it’s like a party everyone is invited. I can feel the excitement built up in the air, people counting down like in New Year’s Eve.

I’m not a hardcore fan, but I do keep a certain level of anticipation for her releases. It’s hard not to. Matti likes Taylor Swift, he introduces me to tswiftdaily on tumblr. They update frequently (coming in full force now actually), and I like what I see. I follow Taylor herself on tumblr, too, and it’s a good thing she’s there because I can’t really follow what’s going on on facebook (I think the system there – facebook news feed – is a mess) and I’m barely on twitter (I’m there mostly only for IU’s updates). So yeah, with all the things bombarding my dashboard (interviews, videos, beautiful edited pictures with quotes, gifs,…), it’s hard not to be in the know and naturally inhale the excitement.

I like the song from the first time I hear. When I listen to it, I feel as if I’m swirling in an invisible pool of emotions with my eyes closed. There’s something alluring and hypnotizing from it, like I’ve tasted a sip of wine and I dive in deeper and deeper in a daze of… love. My heart beats fast and it gives me so much feels.

Taylor explains it better than anyone else.

Out Of The Woods is one of my favorite songs on this album because one of the goals I set out to accomplish when I made this album was that I wanted to make sure that these songs sounded exactly the way the emotions felt.

This song is about the fragility and breakable nature of some relationships. This was a relationship where I was kind-of living day to day wondering where it was going, if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day. It was a relationship where you never felt like you were standing on solid ground. And that kind of a feeling brings on excitement but also extreme anxiety and a frantic feeling of wondering.

And this song sounds exactly like that frantic feeling but it stresses that even if a relationship is breakable and fragile and full of anxiety, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile, exciting, beautiful, and all of the things that we look for.

— Taylor Swift talking about her new song Out Of The Woods on GMA 10.13.14 (x)

And Jack Antonoff, too, co-writer/co-producer.

She’s [Taylor] very natural — when she gets an idea, it just happens very quickly. I would send her these tracks, and when an idea would happen, we’d be 5000 miles [apart] or whatever but she would start emailing me these voice notes like crazy and it would just be happening so quickly that there’d be this excitement.

There’s a frantic feeling in the song. What’s interesting about ‘Out Of The Woods’ is that it doesn’t really let up. It starts with a pretty big anthemic vocal sample that’s me, and then there’s a drum sample that kicks in that’s kind of huge, and then you don’t really know how you’re going to get any bigger but then the chorus hits and it just explodes even larger. And then the bridge hits, and it gets even more huge.

When I was working on the track, I was thinking a lot about My Morning Jacket and how everything they do, every sound is louder than the last, and somehow it feels like everything is just fucking massive. And that’s the feeling that I went for. It started out big, and then I think the obvious move would have been to do a down chorus, but the idea was to keep pushing.

This song means a great deal to me. On a production level, on a writing level, Taylor’s lyrics and her melodies — there’s something very important about this song.”

— Jack Anotonoff on working on ‘Out Of The Woods. (x)

I love the lyrics. All the metaphors and how it’s all beautifully written, it’s amazing. I really wish she could make a lyric video of it. Like, seriously. I especially love these parts.

Looking at it now
Last December, we were built to fall apart
Then fall back together
Your necklace hanging from my neck
The night we couldn’t quite forget
When we decided
To move the furniture so we could dance
Baby, like we stood a chance
Two paper airplanes flying, flying…
And I remember thinking

Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
In the clear yet, good.

Remember when we couldn’t take the heat
I walked out, I said “I’m setting you free”
But the monsters turned out to be just trees
When the sun came up
You were looking at me.

I like some of her songs and some I don’t, but this song is certainly somewhere at my top favorites from her right now. The emotion it brings is no joke. I listen to it again and again, and it manages to remain its special effect on me every single time.

I’m glad Taylor stays true to herself and keeps bringing out good music. Other people can say whatever they want, Taylor is free to make whatever kind of music she likes and for people who appreciate it. As for me, she has my thumbs up.

VIXX (빅스) – Error


I admit I didn’t check new music from new groups as much as I should. I know the enormous effort they put in to produce the music that it takes only a couple of minutes for us to listen to, so really we should always give them a chance. I try my best but sometimes it’s just so easy to fall back to old pattern, listen to music from known artists only, and it’s such a waste. This time, fortunately VIXX has Youngji from KARA to feature in their MV. I had seen the name of the group already, and I had heard people talking good things about them, so this last bit was the necessary factor for me to reach out. I didn’t watch the show to choose new member for KARA so I don’t have a fixed impression about her beforehand, but as far as I see her in KARA, she’s adorkably cute (lol I think ‘adorkable’ isn’t a valid word, I just mix “a dork” and “adorable”), she makes me want to watch her more.

They didn’t disappoint me. It was a nice song with beautiful MV that had a story. It was visually stunning and the flow of upbeat music kept me watching until the end. It was strong and intense and it made me feel a lot. It might be a bit difficult to follow the story line from the first time watching, but soompi helped me with this.

The music video features Hongbin, who is sad at the death of his girlfriend, played by Kara‘s Youngji. After turning himself into a robot, he creates one of Youngji and gives her the same memories. They are then chased by people who find Youngji’s existence illegal.

Ah ~ Talking about it like this makes me feel like watching it again now.

The song seems to be doing well on charts, so I’m happy for them.

The mini-album of the same name was also released. I listened to it and it was good, too. Recommended.

Apparently they are going to have a tour in US. I wish them best of luck, and I will keep eyes for their future activities.

Seo Taiji (서태지) – Sogyeokdong (소격동)

"The cover is an artwork that metaphorically depicts an innocent girl and the symbols that are in contrast. We decided to express the entire theme of the album through a girl that had both fear and curiosity towards the world she faced." (x)

“The cover is an artwork that metaphorically depicts an innocent girl and the symbols that are in contrast. We decided to express the entire theme of the album through a girl that had both fear and curiosity towards the world she faced.” (x)

The way I saw Seo Taiji and his music changed drastically for the last few days. It might have something to do with his appearance in Happy Together. I had thought he would be a serious man, but he wasn’t at all. He was just calm and gentle, even hilarious (whether he intended to or not). He talked about his wife being a fan of IU and she used to listen to IU’s songs during the time when they dated (she’s same age as me, maybe we could form a 88-line IU’s fan or something, ha ha), and that he thought the main reason for Sogyeokdong to top charts right upon its release must be thanks to IU. When Myungsoo mentioned IU sent him ginseng (again, it was the 2nd time I heard about this, lol), Seo Taiji said he received it from IU, too. It was funny to see these ahjussis proving how close they are to IU.

When Seo Taji’s version of Sogyeokdong was released, I had a bit of mixed feeling. Although I had known his voice from the Happy Together clip, I was still taken aback. To be honest, he sounded somehow girly to me at times, especially at the beginning. It got better along the way though, and I liked it already the second time I watched. This morning when I woke up, as usual for these current days, I grabbed my headphones and listened to music with my eyes closed and my mind still being in a haze. It felt perfect. His voice, the music, its soul. Everything.

After watching his version and also the director’s cut, it still wasn’t clear what happened to the girl, but I had my own interpretation. So she tripped while running to the taxi. Her bleeding lips might be from her abusive father then. She got the boy’s attention but was still shy when being caught in a state she didn’t want him to see. They went on to have a beautiful relationship, with all the pure and soft and tender of a young couple. Awkward and shy, fragile but important. The girl’s family was involved in protests or activities against the military government at the time though, and the police came to take (at least) the father away for “re-education”. The girl might be taken away, too, or she was put into the orphanage. Years later, they came back. Same place, different times. They didn’t meet each other, but I liked to think it wouldn’t stay that way forever. The paper-crane he picked up at the end, it could be the message that she left, right? I liked to think of it as an open ending with high possibility of happiness. I read a comment about don’t expect happy ending from Seo Taiji’s music (lol), but I have the tendency to head to the light, so I will keep my interpretation that way.

It was interesting to know that Seo Taiji spent his childhood in this area. I supposed it was a good material to start with. Up until now, I still find it fascinating how well-thought and well-executed this project is. I mean, Seo Taiji managed to get people interested in Korea’s history. I saw people asking and some others appeared to be quite dedicated to explain. Even if it was just a small part of the history, people had the chance to get to know about it in a creative way. From this dark background, Seo Taiji told a sad but beautiful love story, one that was full of longing and would stay in people’s mind for a very long time.

Another interesting thing was that this collaboration was so unique. It was rare to see a collaboration which was not a duet (I actually don’t remember any on top of my mind right now). It was also a brilliant idea to have IU’s version to tell the story in the eyes of the boys, and Seo Taiji’s version filling the missing pieces by the heart of the girl. Breaking typical logic all the time. Brilliant, brilliant.

It caught me by surprise that Sogyeokdong was only a pre-release, only a stepping stone to a bigger release later on. Such a meticulous piece of work was just only the beginning of something bigger? I heard about it in comment section before but I doubted, now of course apparently his fans/people who followed his music for a long time knew it better. Keotronvo told me that Sogyeokdong was more of a song for IU. I would have doubted it before, but I saw the most recent teaser for his title track MV earlier today and I thought there might be some truth about it. Seo Taiji was versatile and he could easily step into many genres, he was good in Sogyeokdong but look at this.

I was never a big fan of Halloween, scary stuffs would never be in my interest, but unbelievably I found myself liking this teaser. I hadn’t known Seo Taiji before Sogyeokdong, but I knew instinctively this was clearly more like him. Some people might say IU wasn’t suitable for Sogyeokdong, but I believed she was the most suitable choice. Seo Taiji might not be as serious of a person as people painted him to be, but obviously he was serious with his music, and he chose IU. IU’s popularity was built solidly from her ability to deliver music in its most possibly artistic way, he must have realized it. The fact that Seo Taiji’s wife could be a fan of IU and IU was well-received by the public could add to that but I didn’t think those would be the main reason. And IU did well. It felt a bit silly, I was a bit afraid to admit I liked IU’s version more. I shouldn’t be afraid of it though. Seo Taiji wrote, composed, produced the song, yes, but it didn’t necessarily equal with expressing it best. He suited more to the title song, for sure. My preference was also subjective. I liked IU’s version more didn’t mean I was looking down on IU’s senior, it was just me having an opinion on a “good vs. better” subject which I should be honest with myself. When two versions of a song were to be released, it was bound to be compared. Whether I liked it or not, I unconsciously compared them.

Talking about comparison, I also noticed that Seo Taiji’s version had higher tone than IU’s. It was an coincidence. I planned to listen to Seo Taiji’s version first but iTunes played IU’s one first, my laptop was slow so before I could switch to Seo Taiji’s version, I heard a bit of the beginning from IU’s. It was a small incident that made me smile.

All in all, I really liked this Sogyeokdong project. It should absolutely be something that both Seo Taiji and IU could be proud of. I was glad Seo Taiji trusted IU in this. I wondered whether it would be a duet between them during his concert, but thankfully MBC was set to broadcast it so it would be a good chance to spot it in higher quality than fancams. I also wondered which version would be put into his album, I wouldn’t think it would be IU’s version, but would it be Seo Taiji’s version only or would it be duet? Hm, this way of arranging obviously kept my anticipation. Additionally, Seo Taiji succeeded in converting me to be interested in his stuff. I was very willingly to translate news about his teaser from English to Vietnamese to kites. Well, I don’t regret to get to know better about a legend, one who appreciates IU and has good music.

thought about the short trip to the supermarkets today

the boy who was next in line to me, wearing a green hoodie

the african girl that smiled (we coincidentally looked at each other, and it was so natural to smile at an african girl)

the woman who startled me and we both smiled (reminded me of the stairs to the basement in lärkkulla, i got startled so often there)

and the old woman in the cashier who also smiled (i always smiled at her then at some point she decided to also smile back)

the owl city songs, feeling of autumn and winter and

things of the past

and thought about sam, the way he asked in vietnamese where i was

he could speak two to three words in a sentence now

his voice was absolutely lovely

these are the days i will forget, at some point

but it happened

it surely did

i think it was in a room of a tall building with open corridors…

in my dream, i was popular (ha ha)

a guy went away and another came

he was flirtatious, trying to wrap his arm around my waist

then Perhaps came in so he took back his hand and pretended to act normal

Perhaps looked at him, full of suspicion

and suggested to play cards

like my mind was read, i had just thought moment ago when i saw him “woah it’s been a while we didn’t play cards together”

Perhaps lied down and i saw something like papers on his back in a split second

i tried to take it off in a joking way, Perhaps was avoiding it but at the same time was smiling

then the other guy helped me and Perhaps immediately changed his attitude

when those two were glaring at each other, i took the chance and got the papers

(this must be the effect of the name-tag game from Running Man)

i ruffled his hair

he smiled


in another dream, i saw deer in the city

they were just casually hanging around

was it in the park? i saw some white arches

they were near the green trees, going this way, that way, and i followed them, as usual with my camera

the dreams were light and pleasant


Antti I. was patient and kind

no class going on at the moment so he gave me a book to read and make slides of

school, school, school…

Modern Times was released a year ago (on the 8th)

listening to it on the way home brought lots of feels


why are there so many songs released during this time?

my favorite is Time and Fallen Leaves by Akdong Musician

well, i was crazy about Akdong Musician ever since 200% and was even more thrilled when IU and AkMu got acquainted and stayed close

of course i had to check out every AkMu release from then on

this song is as nice as their other songs, with Lee Soo Hyun’s pure and soothing voice and her special high notes blended in perfectly with Lee Chan Hyuk’s deep tone, and overall it gives off a calm feeling and also sadness of the fall

and that cover photo, wow, isn’t it a piece of art?

next up is Kim Tae Woo’s song for My Lovely Girl OST

i haven’t watched the new episode(s) yet so i don’t know how it comes up there, but i’m pretty sure it will be good

people don’t seem to appreciate this drama’s OSTs very much, but i really like most of them so far

side note about Kim Tae Woo: i knew him when IU said she was a fan of g.o.d then later on had a duet with them and also attended Tae Woo’s second daughter’s first birthday party

my first impression was that he must be a cool guy, who’s serious and all

then i watched him in Running Man…


just kidding, he actually was pretty friendly and cute, the kind of person you like to spend time with

i’m happy to see more of him, and listen to his solo song too so that i know how his voice is like

i like it

in one of the dreams

my room was kind of grey, but it wasn’t cold, actually rather soft and it had light coming in

i don’t remember how, not sure sure now what it was – either a horizontal old paper or a mug, it had drawings of leaves and nice words in beautiful handwriting

maybe it was some effect of one hundred names that i finished reading it whole before going to sleep

taylor swift was also in my that dream, strangely

she was asking on a loudspeaker about the person who she was supposed to meet but didn’t show up, like where are you or something like that

then my friends – or rather neighbors in the same building – told her she could come in and stay for a while, so she did

i slid down the staircase handle (this must have come from my lovely girl) to show her the thing (that either paper or mug thing) but realized i forgot it upstairs, so i rushed back up to try to find it around the room and came down again

she was patient with us but her mind wasn’t there

after a while, she left

maybe i saw too many posts about her private event with some selected fans?

i really liked taylor, i just wondered about things once in a while


the day was gloomy when i woke up, it was raining

so many leaves left the tree in front of my window

i’m scared of time passing by

drifters… that word came to me today from a ted talk

maybe i should drift away from that word then


i like marit’s style after m2m’s split

(still can’t believe m2m was so faraway back… that certain part of my childhood was so… endearing)

IU (아이유) – Sogyeokdong (소격동)


When I first heard the news about IU’s collaboration with Seo Taiji, my heart dropped a beat. I know Seo Taiji was considered a legend in K-pop, but before I knew him, I had known Lee Ji Ah first (despite the fact that his name had been somehow familiar to me beforehand). I loved The Legend (ha, the irony) mostly because of her, and I watched Beethoven Virus and Style also because of her. For a while I didn’t follow what was going on for some reason (life?), and I didn’t follow celebrities’ lives and scandals anyway (that’s a good life), so I only heard vaguely about her secret marriage with a huge influential figure which shook Korean entertainment industry (imagine how big it was that even a person who was oblivious of that world even heard about). I think the news broke out when they were handling their divorce process? Anyway, little by little, pieces came together, then “ah so that’s that Seo Taiji”. I couldn’t help but taking Ji Ah’s side, probably because it was natural to support another woman and also because she was suffering so much. So when there was news about IU’s collaboration with Seo Taiji, I was stunned. There was rumor before about Seo Taiji’s comeback, I heard about it but didn’t pay attention, let alone imagine it to be collaboration with IU!! Why did everything about this man had to be so shocking?

Then I translated the news from English to Vietnamese to kites. It calmed me down a lot, and when I finished I was actually much more fond of the project than initially. Seo Taiji complimented IU a lot, he was the one who suggested the idea, and for IU who had always shown her respect to her seniors and her eagerness to learn, she seemed to be genuinely honored for the chance to collaborate with such a big name.

Seo Taiji said through his agency Seo Taiji Company, “When I was looking for the female singer who could express the song Sogyeokdong well, I thought of IU right away, who I’ve always thought of as the hubae female singer with the best singing ability. I wanted her to sing the song with her charming voice so I requested her participation. She accentuated the charm of the song more than I expected, so I’m happy.”

‘Sogyeokdong Project’ will release IU’s version first on October 2 followed by Seo Taiji’s version of Sogyeokdong to be released on October 10. This is the first time in 22 years where another singer will be singing a song written, composed and produced by Seo Taiji.

IU’s agency Loen Tree stated, “IU was very happy to receive Seo Taiji’s request and expressed her desire to participate in the project. She felt honored to be participating in the senior singer’s song, who she respects greatly in terms of music, and said that Sogyeokdong will be a meaningful song for her too, showing anticipation and excitement for this collaboration.”

Source: mnetamerica

I had usually struggled with the idea of whether I should listen to artists that had troublesome private lives (the same went for actors/actresses, well, celebrities in general), but I was all for IU’s growth as a musician. What happened between Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah was their own business, both of them suffered and their lives moved on, they had to continued despite the past. We didn’t know the whole story and maybe never will, so there was no point to judge. And if Seo Taiji decided he didn’t want people to be nosy of his private life, he had the right to do so. It shouldn’t be something suspicious and to be made fun of. It shouldn’t affect the way people see his ability to make music.

When the teaser came out, I was ecstatic!

I loved everything about it. The electronic sound, IU’s voice, the lingering feeling of the past. It was all so mesmerizing. I replayed it again and again and again. I thought about how IU never failed to surprise me with the music she delivered. You might have thought the previous time was the best it couldn’t get better, then as if it was “challenge accepted” from her, she came back with another piece that blew your mind away.

When the audio release at midnight between the 1st and 2nd of October, I was a bit confused though. It lost a bit of its charm from the teaser, I felt it right away from 1-minute listening on MelOn and got it confirmed when I listened to the full audio. Many people said that the music was too loud it over-dominated IU’s voice, but to me it wasn’t that (most probably because I listened to it with headphones – I always listen to first-time music with headphones). The song structure was weird. It went up and down in an unexpected way which I couldn’t really grasp the essence of it, and I got drifted away when it came toward the end – it passed by like din’t leave a mark. It was still a very nice song, just that I had too high of an expectation from the teaser.

Another confusion was that they didn’t release the MV right away, they waited until the 6th. I didn’t quite understand it. I mean, when the feeling was still fresh from the teaser and the audio, shouldn’t they add this important spice right away? My guess was that they wanted to have an all-kill with the audio first because it might be possible to manage with daily chart (perfect all-kill for a song that release on Thursday would be a miracle), and the MV on Monday would be good then to deal with perfect all-kill on weekly chart when songs’ points reset for a new week. But the competition was fierce, the song got an all-kill on real-time chart upon its release but it didn’t reach certified all-kill. The MV did make an impact but it soon dropped down again. It was a time to clearly see that IU’s continuous certified all-kills and perfect all-kills and cups from music shows weren’t easy achievements, they weren’t a given because it was IU, we never should take it for granted.

Anyway, as for the MV itself, it was good to know things before watching it.

  • The song has two versions as well as two MVs, one from IU and another from Seo Taiji. It shows the woman’s and the man’s perspectives, and these two secret stories will fit together like a puzzle. So, no freaking out when IU’s MV version wasn’t clear of what was going on, it was supposed to be completed by Seo Taiji’s version.
  • [Sogyeokdong Back story] Sogyeokdong used to be a dark and troubling period in the Korean History. It used to be the headquarters of the Defence Security Command and has now converted into a Fine Arts Mueseum. During the early years of Major General Chun Doo Hwan’s regime (1981~1983), students were forced into military service and martial law was forcefully implemented. Confrontation and protest started to arise and more reform was initiated and in the process many young people died. (FYI this major general carried out a military coup d’état and assassinated the then president Park Chung Hee) (x)
  • The message on the paper inside the paper-crane is “Meet me when the lights go off”, and on the other side it was “Let’s participate in the night blackout drill” (x)

And side note:

  • The girl was Kim Hyun Soo. I got to know her from Good Doctor. Most people would recognize her from her role as child actor of Jun Ji Hyun’s character – Chun Song Yi in You Who Came from the Stars.
  • The boy was Sung Yoo Bin. He was the child actor of Jo In Sung’s character – Jang Jae Yeol in It’s Okay That’s Love.

After a couple of days listening to the song whenever I felt like it (which was often the case), I got more used to the rhythm than previously. By the time I watched the MV, I somehow got the feeling from the teaser back. The more I listened and watched, the more I liked it. Everything seemed to contradict – modern and old, happy and sad – but it all blended in harmoniously, strangely. IU was gorgeous, she had the kind of sweet and nostalgic beauty and voice that matched so well with the MV atmosphere. And I agreed with Leeteuk (Super Junior) that it made me feel both bright and melancholic at the same time it was hard to explain. I hope this mesmerizing feeling will continue on to Seo Taiji’s version.

I actually wasn’t very much keen on understanding the story-line. Just like how I normally watched films, I didn’t question things all the time. I would be just like, we would understand eventually. This time it was even more open for interpretations. I thought about the girl with the bleeding bruises, was she shy and that was why she hid when the boy saw her, and like majority, the biggest question was what happened to the girl, why didn’t she appear and where did she go. But yeah, I suppose when the time came, we would understand.

All in all, I really liked this collaboration that IU did. The song felt as if pretty IU put on Seo Taiji’s dreamy piece and suited it to herself, like a fairytale (couldn’t describe it better than Kim Jong Seo; it was clearly Seo Taiji’s song but IU’s color shined through also). The MV was beautiful and well-made, I could see how much thought was put in from its high quality. My favorite scenes would include the part when the girl put her hands on her laps and grabbed her skirt tightly for a moment, the pinwheels spin in the sunshine when the wind blew (extra: the background was also green at that point!) which felt soft and gentle, the umbrella scenes especially the one when she turned the umbrella and her face would appear vaguely behind, the scene when the lights gradually went off, and all the ones that IU was in (of course). I also made a gif-set (because, yeah, how I love it so), which would be better to click on the images for the actual size because they were enlarged to fit with my tumblr theme.

It wasn’t as well-received in South Korea as I expected, but from that I grew even more protective toward the song and embraced it even tighter. I loved it for everything it was. I was happy IU took this new sound and once again expressed it beautifully in her own unique way. I was glad she was invited as guest to perform this song at Seo Taiji’s concert. As long as she’s happy with her music, I’m happy, too. And her music is great, her voice is one of a kind. I, really, couldn’t ask for more.

a pop-up thought from ‘one hundred names’

i started reading “one hundred names” a couple of days ago


Cecelia Ahern is that rare author that still actually believes in the goodness of people. Maybe it’s her youth, maybe she’s just that person, but it is so clear that she believes that people are good, that people are beautiful, and that what is most beautiful about life is the story that each of us has to share.

On the surface, you could probably write this off as a sappy chick-lit piece, but it’s so much more. You could just read the book and move on, or you could stop and take notice. You might find yourself smiling as you turn the page, or notice someone else watching the look of warmth on your face while you’re reading out in public. You might just find yourself interested in the people around you – the people who pass you on the street, stand in line with you at the cafe, or sit next to you on the bus. If you let it, this story – stories, really – will open you up to all of the interesting things you encounter every day.

Stop being cynical, critical, impatient – let Ahern do what she does best.

Monika on goodreads

and at some point during the day

i thought about how the main character

picked herself up right after the fall

i thought “well, it’s in a book”

then “hey, but others do it, too”